Rumors Fly When Body Shows Up At Martha’s Vineyard … He Was A WH Chef

Written by Wes Walker on July 25, 2023

A little context can make or break any story.

In this case, if we read that someone tragically drowned after being out on the water, most of us would pause for a moment, think it was sad for a moment, check to see whether it’s anyone we know, and then go back to whatever we are doing.

But take that same story and put it in Martha’s Vineyard and it piques some interest. Mention that he worked as a personal chef for Obama, and it becomes a little more compelling.

Mention an unexpected plot twist like a strong swimmer drowning in 8 feet of water, or another White House chef having drowned just a few years ago and suddenly, everyone has an opinion about it.

Tafari Campbell, 45, worked in the White House first during the Bush presidency and then for the Obamas. He joined them privately when they left office and was working at their $12million waterfront estate when he died.

Campbell had gone paddle boarding on the calm water on Sunday and was seen falling off the board before becoming completely submerged in 8ft of water.

It’s unclear who he was with at the time. A 911 call described him as wearing all black and not wearing a life jacket.

Initially, the Obamas’ office said they were not home. Their office clarified on Monday that they were on the island, just not at the residence when Campbell drowned. — DailyMail

It’s not known who watched him fall or whether he had some kind of medical incident that caused him to fall.

People drew immediate parallels to the tragic fate of a Clinton chef who went hiking alone and never made it home again:

Memers and S***-posters on the right wasted no time making hay over it.

And of right on cue — this variant…

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