Target Blacklists MAJOR Conservative Author… Are They Begging To Be Bud Lighted?

Written by Wes Walker on July 6, 2023

It looks like somebody never got the message delivered by the financial beating they took in Pride month. With this latest offence, these guys seem to be begging for the Bud Light Treatment.

To be precise, by ‘Bud Light Treatment’ I mean a very specific thing.

Ordinary conservatives don’t really care much about the politics of people running the brands they buy from. For all we know, half of the the C-Suite staff lives the kind of life depicted in Wolf of Wall Street. Who cares?

What ordinary conservatives DO care about is being directly insulted. Having ‘tucking’ swimsuits directed at children? That was crossing a line.

[In related news:]

When Dylan Mulvaney put on his ‘ditzy blonde’ what is a basketball act to ‘appropriate’ womanhood for profit? That was a slap in the face.

But when Bud Light followed that up by directly telling their base that they’re the ‘old’ customers and they need to attract NEW ones? That was an insult.

What Target is doing here is picking teams. They are afraid of offending Democrats by allowing a book offensive to the Democrats to be sold on their shelves. Of course, there was no problem with a parade of books offensive to Conservatives.

Are they allowed to blacklist Conservatives? Sure. But most intelligent marketers will recognize the difference between friend and foe. Target doesn’t seem to have any intelligent marketers left.

The forthcoming book is titled The Democratic Party Hates America.

He recently told Secrets that the book is an amped-up version of his syndicated radio show and weekly TV feature on Fox, Life, Liberty and Levin.

“It’s brass knuckles, baby,” he told me.

The ban is likely to further help presales, which are already in record territory. The book stands as Amazon’s No. 1 for political books and a remarkable No. 11 overall.

Levin, known among supporters as “The Great One,” probably figured some outlets might not like the focus of his book, but a liberal ban at a time conservatives are being criticized for policing books in grade schools is ironic.

The author of nearly a dozen No. 1 bestsellers said the Target ban is the latest example of corporate America’s bow to marginal groups that are good at whipping up favorable press for their causes. — Washington Examiner

They’re welcome to pick a fight with us. As long as they understand one thing.

They. WILL. Lose.

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