The Murderers In City Hall Are Never Arrested

Written by Rob Morse on July 18, 2023

Suppose a criminal uses a gun. Go a step further and suppose a murderer does something truly awful with a gun and kills several people. If you’re an anti-gun politician, then now is the time to disarm your gun-owning neighbors. Do anti-gun zealots care that their bigoted fantasy is a facetious fraud and their infringements on human rights leave us with more dead victims? I doubt it, since what is out of sight is out of mind. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the murderers who sit in city hall are never arrested or even charged… until now.

The news media is intrinsically biased about the stories it shows. We are bombarded with sensational news of violence as the crumbling corporate media struggles to sell advertising. We see evidence of that every night when the news is designed to sell shock and outrage. Add ignorance to that corporate bias, and the talking heads label any black rifle as an “AR”, (the name given to the rifles invented by the ArmaLite company some six decades ago.) Together, that media bias and ignorance help explain why we are so seldom told about honest citizens using a firearm in armed defense. Gun-control politicians depend on our ignorance.

In fact, armed defense is common. Honest citizens use a firearm in self-defense about 2.8 million times a year. We use a rifle in armed defense about 370 thousand times each year. In contrast, FBI statistics show that violent criminals used a rifle less than once a day, 364 times a year in 2019.

Perspective is desperately important. We defend ourselves with a rifle over a thousand times for each time a criminal uses it in a crime. Even if we include every firearm that couldn’t be identified in a violent crime, then the criminal use of a rifle is at most one-percent compared to our armed defense.

Disarming honest citizens makes the criminals’ job easier. Since criminals don’t obey the law, it is questionable if gun control disarms criminals at all. We don’t see the crime rates fall when states and counties pass gun control laws. The bitter truth is that we can’t solve a small problem by creating a larger one, so why do politicians try it time after time?

Indianapolis City Hall

Democrats on the Indianapolis city council banned honest people from carrying concealed handguns even if they have their state license to carry and passed an FBI criminal background check. They also banned so-called, “assault weapons.” Democrat-controlled Los Angeles banned licensed concealed carry in public parks, beaches, and walkways. The Democrat-controlled state of Washington banned modern rifles.

A recent report out of Washington State showed that gun control laws like those failed to reduce crime. In fact, crime went up when Democrat politicians disarmed honest citizens. If gun control fails time after time, then why do Democrat politicians call for more gun control?

It doesn’t matter if gun control actually works. It only matters that gun control laws produce a good press release and a prime-time interview. Money talks, and gun control laws are designed to deliver campaign contributions. Since the reporters don’t care how often ordinary citizens save themselves with a gun, the reporters never point out the obvious facts. We are supposed to ignore the dead bodies these gun control laws leave in their wake.

Disarming the good guys gets us killed. We have more robberies, more assaults, more rapes, and more murders because innocent victims were disarmed. Thousands and thousands more. This isn’t an academic discussion if it was your family who was disarmed and victimized.

Some of those criminals will be caught. Some will be convicted. Unfortunately, the murderers in city hall will never be charged.

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