Tucker Talks Masculinity With Andrew Tate (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 12, 2023

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Tucker’s first long-form interview is certainly making waves…

The former Fox News host flew to Romania where controversial “influencer” Andrew Tate resides to conduct the interview. Tate and his brother Tristan are currently under house arrest awaiting trial on human trafficking charges.

The two-and-a-half hour-long interview was posted by Carlson after a brief monologue about how masculinity is viewed as “toxic” in our current culture, and he calls the attempts to vilify the natural inclinations of boys and men as “conversion therapy.”

He summarized Tate’s alternative view of masculinity and explained how it is upsetting the Powers That Be.

“Tate’s view is that men want respect above all — it’s how they’re wired. In order to get respect,” explains Carlson, “they must become worthy of it. They must become more impressive: wake up early, work as hard as you can, stay sober, find God, keep yourself physically fit, don’t complain. That’s his worldview.”

“Earlier generations of Western leaders might have found parts of Tate’s message inspiring, but now it’s seen as a threat,” Carlson said.

He then explained that the Tates were arrested last December on human trafficking charges.

“We’re not their lawyers, but as of today, not a single woman has come forward to say that she was kidnapped or imprisoned or moved across international borders against her will by Andrew or Tristan Tate,” said Carlson about the charges.

“It’s also true that in some ways, the charges against the Tates seem inevitable, like they were always going to happen. Accusing a man of a sex crime is the fastest possible way to discredit what he’s saying,” said Carlson adding, “Is that what’s happening here?”

“Jeffrey Epstein’s dinner partners insist that Andrew Tate is a pervert and a criminal. Maybe they’re telling the truth. Either way, we think Tates’ views about men very much deserve a hearing,” said Carlson.

He then advises viewers to watch the entire interview and make up their own minds about Andrew Tate.

The interview touches on a host of issues beyond simply masculinity and relationships — God, how COVID affected humanity, censorship, migration, media manipulation, the war in Ukraine, depression, race and class, fitness, climate change, gender ideology, the indoctrination of children, digital currencies and more.

The response to the interview has been mixed as noted by the Daily Mail:

The interview comes after Tate, 36, and his brother Tristan were last month indicted on human trafficking and rape charges in Romania after their initial arrest at the end of last year.
Carlson previously called Tate’s arrest a ‘conspiracy’ and ‘human rights violation’.
Now, he has sparked outrage after the release of his interview with Tate, which has racked up more than 40 million views.
Many critics have slammed Carlson for the interview, accusing him of not ‘fact checking anything he said’ and of ‘singing the praises of an accused rapist’.
However, while many hit out, Elon Musk dubbed the interview ‘interesting’, after Carlson said he uploaded it to Twitter because it wouldn’t be taken down.
Source: Daily Mail

While Tate may say some true things about masculinity and some of the other malaises of our current culture, there are other things about him that undermine that message — he is a pornographer who used women he was dating as webcam girls to build his brand and created to what amounted to a social media pyramid scam with his “affiliate marketing” program with his now-defunct Hustler’s University.

But hey, as Tucker says, watch the interview and make up your own mind.

Here at ClashDaily, we think that there’s One Man that can provide the ultimate example for masculinity and it sure isn’t Andrew Tate.

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