WATCH: This 4-Year-Old Knows More About Anatomy Than A Supreme Court Justice

Written by K. Walker on July 15, 2023

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Democrats, teachers, the Regime Media, and even a Supreme Court Justice don’t seem to know what makes a woman a woman — maybe they should ask this girl.

The most difficult question in political circles today is one that any child was able to answer just a few years ago — “What is a woman?”

That became shockingly obvious when Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asked Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, what should have been an easy question during her Senate Confirmation Hearing.

The clip went mega viral.

A female senator asked a female Supreme Court nominee to define a woman and the sitting judge didn’t just refuse, she said that she was incapable of providing a definition because she is not a biologist.

Most people found that shocking — but not the gender activists.

The gender activists insist that biological differences don’t matter and what defines what a woman is depends solely on someone’s self-determination rather than any objective standard.

That’s utter hogwash and we all know it.

There are physical differences between men and women that are completely independent of someone’s subjective feelings — sex organs are the most obvious example of this, but there are other things as well. Hormone differences, bone density… and there are distictives right down to the chromosomal level that are either male or female.

Brielle Milla from Salinas, California, was only 4 in 2017 when she appeared on NBC’s “Little Big Shots” hosted by comedian Steve Harvey.

The adorable girl was on to show how much she knew about the skeletal system and it was pretty impressive back then, but even more so now that people have lost their ever-loving minds over gender ideology.

When Steve Harvey points to the pelvis, Brielle explains that it’s a unique bone in the body for one very important reason.

“It’s the only bone in the body that’s gender specific, which means it’s different in boys and girls,” the cute, pigtailed wunderkind explained. “The pelvis’s job is to protect the organs used for digesting and reproduction — which means growing babies.”

Meanwhile, in the narcissistic, anti-human, gender ideology camp, you have this individual who wants to get a womb implanted in order to get pregnant just so that he can abort the baby.

I guess that means that the differences in the structure of the pelvis is irrelevant in his case.

But hey, transgenderism is no longer a mental illness, guys. Honest.

Here’s the full segment of Brielle because it would be cruel to leave you with that clip without some sort of brain cleanse.

Brielle would be around 10 now, so let’s hope that her parents protect her from this horrific gender cult and she will hold on to the biological reality that she learned when she was a preschooler!

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