WH SpokesMuppet Reacts To Bidenomics Being Fact-Checked On Twitter

Written by Wes Walker on July 18, 2023

Being a professional spin doctor for a politician is a hard. It’s gotta age a person in dog years. Especially when you’re doing it for Joe Biden.

Biden’s second Spokesmuppet is nothing like the effortless liar her predecessor was. She struggles, can’t look the audience in the eye, and has obvious tells like her blinking.

She likes sticking to the script when she can, reading verbatim from her binder. Better yet, she ducks the question — passing it off as someone else’s responsiblity, saying it’s something she won’t speak to from that podium, or even better, invoking the Hatch Act.

But sometimes she gets hit with a question for which there is no script, and no dodge.

Like when Biden’s tweets got fact-checked in real time, again and again.

Biden Gets Fish-Slapped By Twitter’s ‘Community Notes’

With Bidenomics so central to the push Biden is trying to make, it’s pretty embarrassing when the POTUS account gets fact-checked by Community Notes.

The fact-check gave data and sources explaining that real income adjusted for inflation isn now lower than it was when Joe took over.

A reporter asked KJP about it.

Lest anyone assume she’s ‘unserious’ in her role, here she is at the beginning of that same presser.

Talking about her outfit.

Can you imagine the knives that would have come out had Sarah Huckabee-Sanders or Kayleigh McEnany if either of them had asked the same question?

CNN and MSNBC would probably have experts on, talking about how insecure she was.

But KJP felt perfectly at ease asking that question in front of the WH press pool. Do you know why?

Because she’s never really faced an adversarial press.

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