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Canadian Shop Teacher With Z-Sized Prosthetic Knockers Heads To A NEW School — Here’s The 411

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NOTE: This article includes commentary reflecting the author’s position.

“Busty” Lemieux is heading back to a public school classroom this fall and has the full support of the school board.

The male Canadian shop teacher who grabbed international headlines last fall after photos and video surfaced of him dressed as a woman wearing massive prosthetic breasts and tight clothing is changing schools amid the ongoing controversy.

Kayla Lemieux will be teaching at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Ontario, where parents were warned the high school could soon be subjected to ‘protests’ and ‘disruptions’ over [his] hiring.
Lemieux – who insists [his] breasts are natural but has been photographed without them when not in the classroom – previously worked at nearby Oakville Trafalgar High, but saw [his] tenure cut short after photos of [his] buxom prosthetics surfaced.
As district staffers grappled with how to deal with the intersex instructor, parents lined up to decry the local school board for its failure to impose a dress code on Lemieux sooner, before suspending and pulling [him] from their faculty.
Source: Daily Mail

The Daily Mail article calls Lemieux “intersex” — does that mean that we are now to believe that this person is a hermaphrodite?

As if this entire situation wasn’t ridiculous enough already!

Speaking of ridiculous, the school board is doing all that it can to make sure that Lemieux is being treated with “dignity and respect” for wearing what is clearly fetish gear into the classroom.

From the Toronto Sun:

In a memo to parents obtained by the Toronto Sun, Principal Tom Fisher said the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board school has “an obligation to uphold individual rights and treat everyone with dignity and respect” and “should the school be subject to any disruptions or protests; we are committed to communicating with you as openly and as frequently as possible to ensure student safety – and to share any operational plans.”

The school warned parents that there will be changes to how entry and exit from the building will be handled when the school year resumes after Labour Day.

The new measures will include “having students enter and exit the building using assigned doors at entry and dismissal” as well as “locking exterior doors during school hours, only using the front main doors during school hours.” In addition, “all students and visitors will be required to use an intercom system to enter and exit the building” and the school is asking parents “to email or call before coming to the school if they wish to visit to speak to an employee.”

So, the school is taking measures to protect Lemieux from unwanted attention, but not doing a thing to keep students away from a guy who wears fetish gear in the classroom.

Several months ago, Ontario attorney Rishi Bandhu appeared on Tucker Carlson to explain the position of parents who are suing the school district to impose a dress code on Lemieux. In his appearance, Bandhu accidentally exposed just how difficult it is for Canadians to stop this nonsense from happening because of the human rights laws in Canada.

It appears that the lawsuit is doomed to fail since Lemieux insists that the giant breasts with perpetually erect nipples are au natural despite being photographed by the New York Post without the womanface get-up and the massive ta-tas.

Kayla Lemieux photographed with and without the giant prosthetic breasts

While it’s apparently possible to find prosthetic Z-cup breasts just like the ones sported by Lemieux in the classroom, the shop teacher can’t seem to find a bra that will fit over those massive mammaries.

Lemieux claims to have “XX chromosomes” and a rare condition of “hormone sensitivity to estrogen” that causes excessive breast growth. Of course, there is no documentation of this diagnosis.

“The diagnosis is based on verbal discussions I have had with my doctor,” Lemieux said at the time. “I never requested a note or letter of these findings. I don’t have anything I can give you.”
Feeling it was not appropriate to even ask, Lemieux said, “I don’t think women, in general, have formal diagnosis of their breast size” and “I also personally consider breast size irrelevant … I decided to break my silence and put my name next to my statements, and now I am being asked to provide proof. I really don’t know how to help you with that.”
Lemieux has also maintained media photographs of a man without wardrobe, or the large breasts, was not [him] and [he] hopes the fascination with [him] lessens with time.
Source: Toronto Sun

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

This guy is still in the classroom wearing fetish gear in an offensive mockery of women and he wants to be left alone?

Good luck with that, Buddy!

I suspect that there are a number of parents in the area who will not rest until he is out of the classroom or at the very least, dressed appropriately.

Sir John, Eh!

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