Climate Alarmists POUNCE On Every Wildfire Story — Here’s What You Need To Know

Published on August 12, 2023

Submitted By ‘The Texian’

The wildfire that has brought sheer devastation to Maui is especially heartbreaking for Hawaii because it struck one of its most historic towns and the onetime capital of the former kingdom.
Source: Associated Press

Note the wording of the New World Order script running across all major ‘news’ channels regarding these fires. Also note that the huge Canadian fires that blanketed NYC with smoke were all due to ‘climate change’ right up until satellite imagery showed that all the fires started AT THE SAME TIME across a huge swath of forest. In other words incendiary devices on timers. This ‘climate change’ narrative replaces the flop of ‘global warming’. The end state is you on a carbon credits system tied to your Central Bank Digital Currency that auto punishes you for purchases, food choices, travel, etc., by debiting your bank account. Total tyrannical control of your every move.

These giant fires are arson. The conditions are manmade by weather engineering. This is the New World Order. Burn everything down, in this case literally and ‘build back better’, which means you are a labor and/or rape slave or you are dead.

Don’t buy the lies. Never comply.


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