Here’s The Jaw-Dropping Figure Lost By Pfizer Since The Jab Peaked Last Year

Written by Wes Walker on August 7, 2023

Whatever your opinion of whether we’ve finally put Covid in the rearview or not, one thing is certain: the ‘gold rush’ days of cashing in on the pandemic panic are well past their sell-by date.

We clearly recall news stories about dozens of newly-minted billionaires while canny entrepreneurs were busy cashing in on the panic-buying of everything from medical equipment to masks and hand sanitizers.

There was a financial feeding frenzy for both private and public dollars at the precise moment when so much of the ordinary world ground almost to a halt, grinding to dust the personal and business wealth of countless citizens and small businesses in the process.

It was a real case of ‘feast or famine’. Nobody rode that wave quite like Big Pharma did. Especially those privileged few whose products were both mandated and funded by the power of the state in countries around the world.

Big Government, Big Tech, Big Media, Globalist Elites and the Davos Crowd all sang from the same songsheet.

We were told that we all needed to roll up our sleeves and take one for the team. Not just once or twice, but again and again. For the good of the country.

Because if you don’t get the jab, you’re a moral monster who needs to be thrown out of his job and have the ordinary rights due to a citizen restricted.

Sites like ours compared it to Netflix, suggesting it was running on a defacto compulsory subscription model.

Pfizer has lost $88billion in market share and $144billion in value since its market peak in just one year as the drugmaker suffers a major hangover from the success of its COVID vaccine.

The pharmaceutical giant enjoyed a record $100billion in sales last year, powered by its COVID vaccine and drug.

But after becoming the first pharma firm to break the billion-dollar barrier, its performance has fallen off a cliff this year.
Shares are down 31 percent this year to date, a loss of more than $88billlion in market capitalization.

Pfizer’s valuation has dropped by $144billion since its 2021 peak.

Said differently, Pfizer has tumbled from a peak of $61.25 a share in December of 2021 down to about $35, today.

Who do you suppose got wiped out by the $26.25 drop in value? It’s going to be the unsophisticated citizen investor who tried to play the markets, the retiree looking for a ‘sure thing’ so they might still be able to retire on schedule after being wiped out by the Pandemic stock crashes. It’s going to be the poor schmuck who trusted the advice of some mutual fund salesman calling biotech the safe landing spot in an uncertain time.

Who would NOT be licking their wounds as the Pfizer bubble pops and the numbers crash back to Earth? The same sort of market-and-study-manipulating billionaires who pushed a panic narrative making us to ignore perfectly reasonable off-patent remedies and rush to the new and unproven technology they were rolling out.

Yes, we’re looking at YOU Bill Gates!

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