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HILARIOUS: John Rich Has New Song About Being Offended … Check Out The Video!

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Even if you’re not much of a music fan, you’ve probably heard about John Rich’s new album by now. The song and video do a great job of making fun of how we’re all at each other’s throats.

John Rich is not a guy who has any trouble speaking his mind. He has opinions about our craptastic society. But he can call out the BS without losing his sense of ha-ha in the process.

Isn’t that refreshing?

The song is fun and funny both for the music and the message. The video is even better.

It’s called ‘I’m Offended’. It pokes fun at the perpetually aggrieved and hits some of the ongoing clashes in the culture wars. How we disagree about gas or electric vehicles, wearing a mask, free speech, gun rights, and faith all make their appearance in the lyrics.

But the video? That’s where Rich starts having his real fun.

You’ve got the guy in the Beta Male shirt pulling his mask down between sips of his Sissy Beer. He changes brands. You’ve got the little guy in the ‘I’m offended’ shirt under the ‘you must be this tall to enter’ sign that you might easily overlook on the first viewing. You’ve got the cowboy ordering drinks for three guys at the bar when one of the was a wooden cigar-store Indian. There’s the arm wrestling, the dude in the pink hat who chucks a bottle at the stage, a familiar face from the Gutfield! show playing the role of that guy taking up space in the White House, and the cherry on top? Take a good look at who’s wearing the ref’s jersey.

Not only is Rich using this opportunity to make fun of how we’re so perpetually offended.

The clever part is how he’s quietly reminding us what the solution is: put ourselves out of the reach of cancel culture. Switch to brands (beer, phone) that don’t want to use their profit to tear down our culture. Switch to a bank that won’t ‘Trudeau’ you if you back the wrong political cause.

And who better to demonstrate that you stay standing even after a full-court press by the cancel culture goons than a playful appearance Mike Lindell himself!

It really is a fun video.

The stick-in-the-mud folks are going to HATE it.

Enjoy — and share the HELL out of it. Just to spite them!

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