TED CRUZ: It’s A Trap To Call Joe Biden’s Corruption ‘Influence Peddling’ — Here’s Why

Written by Wes Walker on August 14, 2023

Ted Cruz agrees with the now obvious fact that money seems to be flowing to the Biden family while political favors flow back in return. Just don’t fall for the Democrat language trap.

Do NOT call it ‘influence peddling’. That’s what the left WANTS us to call it. If we do, it gives the corporate regime media a way to downplay the seriousness of Joe’s actions.

Influence peddling is what they WANT us to call it because, let’s be honest, favor-trading is what Washington is basically built on. Networks of people know networks of people. The wealth of the Capitol’s ‘super-zip codes’ is predicated on such networks and horse-trading. You help me close this deal and I’ll owe you a favor.

But when someone — a vice president, for example — takes money either directly or indirectly in exchange for delivering a promise by using his political clout, that’s a whole other animal.

Offering political favors in exchange for millions of dollars has a name. It’s called bribery. And it is explicitly impeachable.

It’s looking more and more likely that we’ve got the Biden’s dead to rights on exactly that charge, and it’s behavior which the FBI has been formally made aware of since at LEAST June of 2020, with references in that document about some reports that had come to their attention years earlier.

Ted Cruz isn’t mincing words.

Biden needs to have an impeachment inquiry opened into his actions. Cruz has got some other names on his list of people who need Congress to open a can of whup-ass, too.

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