The White House Press Secretary Has Been Having A Rough Week … And It’s Only Wednesday

Written by K. Walker on August 16, 2023

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In the past few days, Karine Jean-Pierre has been dragged on social media for how badly she’s doing her job.

This morning on CNN, White Houe Diversity Hire Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre weighed in on the President’s slow public response to the devastating wildfire in Hawaii, and it was clear she was just trying to polish a turd.

First, she tried to push the ol’ compassionate “Uncle Joe” branding that has fallen apart since he refused to acknowledge his grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts. No one thinks that a guy that puts up Christmas stockings for the dogs that bite Secret Service agents and not one for his own innocent, flesh and blood granddaughter is a good person.

As White House Press Secretary, it’s her job to be the lead spokesperson for the administration, but also to slap lipstick on a pig when necessary.

Here she is doing just that by insisting that Joe Biden has had to deal with a number of disasters, but Ol’ Joe always shows up. As the RNC Research account points out, that’s not true — Joe didn’t go to East Palestine, Ohio after the toxic derailment.

KJP then says that anyone who knows him knows how much Joe cares about people.

How about we ask the people of East Palestine, Ohio, the Secret Service agents bitten by the Biden dogs, and Lunden Roberts, whose daughter has been ignored by this “family man” President for 4 years?

She then disagreed that the President was slow to respond publicly to the tragedy in Hawaii even though there is video of him saying “no comment” when asked about it.

Oh, Karine, how can you look in the mirror after trying to defend the indefensible?

Someone with basic decency would say, “It’s an absolute tragedy. Our hearts go out to the people in Lahaina who have lost everything and especially those who have lost loved ones. We are working with Hawaiian officials to do all that we can to help.”

How hard is that?

The working theories in the ClashDaily newsroom are that Joe’s “no comment” reply is either because: a) Dementia Joe hasn’t got a sweet clue about what the hell is going on in general, so it’s no surprise he didn’t know about the deadly wildfire; or b) he wasn’t properly briefed about the situation while he was on vacation and was told just to reply “no comment.” If you have another theory, drop it in the comments.

Speaking of the wildfire, on Monday, KJP mispronounced the names of the Senators from Hawaii — both of whom are Democrats. As a bonus, she didn’t realize that the attention-seeking, dumber than a box of rocks Senator Mazie Hirono — KJP called her “Senator Horino” — is a woman.

If that wasn’t enough, she called Senator Brian Schatz a number of names including “Shorts”, “Shot”, and “Sharts”. That last one wouldn’t be a bad nickname for a certain Democrat Congressman who may or may not have had a “sharting” accident during a press conference in 2020.

This isn’t just embarrassing — a basic component of her job as White House Press Secretary should be to know the names of the Senators that are members of her own party. There are only 48 of them and 3 independents that caucus with Democrats. How hard is it to double-check their names before heading to the podium?

Apparently, that’s just asking too much of the Spokesmuppet.

Then on Tuesday, a strange tweet appeared on the @PressSec Twitter account that was clearly meant for the @POTUS account.

It’s pretty obvious that (unlike the last President) Joe Biden doesn’t post anything on his Twitter account himself. We all know that. The thing we don’t know is who it is that is doing the tweeting.

Some people think that this shows that it’s now one of the roles of the White House Press Secretary … but it could be more complicated than that.

It could be an intern.

Remember, this is the same White House that had that weird TikTok influencer guy wearing a dress and fake nails pretending to be a White House intern.

The Biden administration has embraced the TikTok influencer thing from pushing the jabs with that Benny Drama guy pictured above, info on the war in Ukraine, gas prices, and transgender ideology.

You’ve seen this administration — would you be surprised if that isn’t far from what White House interns are like in the Biden administration?

Me neither.

The concerning thing is that the White House Comms team may think it’s a good idea to allow an individual like that access to the President and Press Secretary’s social media accounts.

If that’s the case, that’s not good, guys. That’s really bad.

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