Three Christians Score BIG Win In Pandemic-Era Wrongful Arrest Suit

Written by Wes Walker on August 3, 2023

Ever since the WuFlu first came on the scene, ClashDaily is proud to say our site has NOT been jumping on the lockdown bandwagon.

We always thought the best path forward would be that we each evaluate our own risk tolerances and carry on with our lives as best we knew how. It made sense to rally around and support the aged and infirm but letting otherwise healthy people make up their own minds. Our own Doug Giles even wrote a book on the topic (Your Fear Is Full Of Crap).

The fact that ClashDaily was among the many ‘renegade’ sites who refused to parrot government talking points means we, like others, took a huge hit from Big Tech in terms of both reach and revenue. (We again thank our readers for supporting our ClashDaily store, whose books, merch and artwork help to keep us offering this website for free, without tucking it behind some sort of an annoying paywall.

We cheered when Christians (and other people of faith) put their moral convictions above the diktat of the likes of Little Lord Fauci.

The authoritarian state doesn’t like it when citizens don’t ‘know their place’. They responded to people exercising their Constitutional rights by arresting them.

You may remember ClashDaily reporting on a story about members of a Christian church in Moscow Idaho that were arrested.

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Well, the case has (finally) wound its way through the courts.

As the pandemic raged on into the summer of 2020, on July 1, the mayor enacted the aforementioned Order No. 20-03, which required “every person in the city of Moscow” to wear a mask when in any indoor or outdoor public setting where the six-foot social distancing mandate was not able to be maintained.
A violation of the order was deemed a misdemeanor.
The three Christians were arrested, cited, and charged with a violation of the mayor’s order.
Judge England declared that the three Christians “should never have been arrested.”
As the three protesters violated neither the order nor any other law, the court said it was unclear what justification the police had to require the Christians to identify themselves or charge them with obstruction.
In ordering the parties to participate in a settlement conference that ultimately garnered $300,000 dollars for the three Christians, Judge England described the whole scenario as “one of the most novel set of circumstances the Court has ever encountered.”
He wrote that given the fact that the Christians were wrongfully arrested, the city “indisputably erred in interpreting its own Code, (and) the city consequently misadvised its officers as to the Code’s application … this case should not need to see the inside of a courtroom.”– EpochTimes

What’s the lesson here?

Their rights were violated. The city (after going out of their way to arrest them in the middle of Constitutionally-protected behavior) quietly dropped the charges.

The plaintiffs continued the fight… because the government needs to know (and be reminded of) the Constitutional limits of its authority.

They kept their civil case alive, and they won.

Unlike so many Christians who pull the metaphorical blanket over their heads and hope the problem will ‘leave them alone’, Doug Wilson and his congregation understands that much of the ground the secular left has claimed as its own as ‘wokeness’ tightened its grip on America came from fights they won by default.

The secular activists understand their objective and they have a deep commitment to that cause. So does this Church in Moscow Idaho.

Bud Light and Target are proof positive that our side CAN shake off our slumber and push back.

The question isn’t one of our side’s ability. It’s a question of priorities. It’s a question of commitment to defending what the other side tears down. And whether we’re playing to win (as they are) or merely ‘not to lose’ like most establishment Republicans seem happy to do.

Are we finally ready to stand up and be as bold in saying what we believe as the Marxists and Neo-Marxists are in spreading their dogma?

If you are, this ‘Clashdaily Exclusive‘ might be just the shirt you’ve been looking for: