TRUMP INDICTMENT: Massive 2020 Investigation Covered Up In Michigan Could Change EVERYTHING!

Written by Wes Walker on August 9, 2023

Despite America being founded on principles of free speech, there are some things you can’t say without getting yourself in serious trouble. Trump even faces criminal charges for some of them.

But what happens if the things you are saying happen to be proven true? It’s now common knowledge that some things that could have your internet voice completely shut down by COVIDictators — with many businesses and brands being destroyed in the process — have later been proven to to be factually accurate.

That includes topics like mask efficacy, natural immunity, vaccine injuries, and certain off-label use of entirely reliable out-of-patent medications. Medications that were actively slandered by people with a personal financial interest in newly-released COVID treatments. Forget the fact that these same experts have no problem with the untested off-label use of other drugs being used as so-called puberty blockers.

The same energy thrown behind censoring COVID claims that contradicted official Government narratives were also throw behind censoring questions raised about the validity of the 2020 election results.

As ClashDaily readers already know, and as even CNN was explaining in the video explainer on this page as recently as mid-November, 2020, there is historical precedent for sending rival slates of electors for Congress to certify on the sixth of January after a general election. It has happened on two previous occasions. And doing so was perfectly within the law.

It’s the very same play that resulted in performative protests against the election of Dubya and Trump in the last three certifications of a Republican president.

This time around, the claim is that Trump is perpetrating some sort of a fraud. They claim to know that Trump ‘knew’ he lost but tried to force a win anyway by rigging the system in his own favor.

Law enforcement has gone so far as to criminalize the slate of alternate electors in Michigan. This flies in the face of the fact that there was an actual criminal investigation into large-scale voter fraud — in Michigan.

Gateway Pundit broke the story, and the full details can be found there. Here is a sample of the larger story.

Two members of AG Dana Nessel’s Criminal Investigation Division were assigned to the operation, yet curiously, she failed to mention the investigation to the public. To this day, Dana Nessel is still claiming there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Michigan, despite the fact that she knew her office and the office of her friend, Michigan’s crooked SOS Jocelyn Benson, were involved with the MI State Police in a large scale investigation that took place across the state before it was taken over by the FBI[…]
eisch and Young contacted police after receiving multiple “State of Michigan Voter Registration Application” forms which in their opinion appeared to be fraudulent. According to the report, Meisch based her opinion on the fact that some of the addresses on the applications appeared to be invalid or non-existent. Also, some of the phone numbers were invalid and some signatures did match those on file.

Meisch also noted that the handwriting on the ballots appeared to be the same with a similar signature and ALL OF THE BALLOTS appeared to come from the same company with two locations in Southfield and Auburn Hills.

Meisch told police some of the forms were dropped off in person to the Muskegon City Clerk’s office by a black female who identified herself as Brianna Hawkins. Miss Hawkins said her employment entailed registering voters and helping them obtain absentee ballots.

Meisch estimated that the leftist organization delivered approximately 8,000-10,000 voter registration forms to the Muskegon City Clerk’s office and provided a sampling of 42 suspected fraudulent applications to Officer Foster for examination. Meisch stated they identified by viewing her Facebook profile.

Employee Brianna Hawkins dropped off between 8K -10K registrations in ONE day! — GatewayPundit

The fact that the FBI buried a voter fraud case this significant raises a load of serious questions.

The most obvious one is what happened with that investigation?

But since the FBI took this case over, why are we not hearing about this case? Why is the FBI not raising concerns about problems with election security that could be exploited by bad actors wanting to rig an election in their favor.

Why is one party fighting so damned hard against reforms — including voter ID laws — that would make such ballot-stuffing nearly impossible?

The question Trump would be most interested in is entirely different.

The FBI took over an investigation in which one of the battleground states whose results were already denounced for being very sketchy (including the voting machine ‘glitch’ in Antrim County, Michigan and windows being covered where the votes were being counted, preventing observers from watching what was happening inside).

With at least 10,000 ballots questionable ballots visible in one investigation — and one state Senator alleging that as many as 800,000 ineligible ballots may have flooded the state — how can the FBI say with any confidence that Trump ‘knows’ there was no fraud?

We don’t even know for certain whether the FBI itself has properly answered our questions with respect to what happened in this one case that Gateway Pundit has brought to the public attention.

But if the case was handed off to the FBI, we can say with some confidence — judging by how long it took to investigate something as straightforward as Hunter’s gun charges — there is no way they would have throughly investigated this case and had a report giving a reasonable explanation for why one person would have handled some 10,000 or so bogus ballots, or how we can know that doesn’t represent a small portion of a larger corruption of the entire electoral system.

If the not even the FBI has an answer for that question — how can they claim that Donald Trump could have special knowledge above and beyond what the FBI has?

That logic, by itself, might be reason enough to discredit the foundational premises of the four latest election charges Jack Smith brought against Trump.

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