TUCKER: 3 Things He Said On Corolla’s Show Set The Internet On Fire

Written by Wes Walker on August 31, 2023

Tucker Carlson cast a long shadow when he worked for Fox News, but that was nothing compared to the reach he has now. And now he’s free to say whatever the hell he pleases, without some Paul Ryan type saying we don’t talk about such things…

Since he was cut loose, Tucker has made good use of his opportunities to speak his mind. But few of those opportunities have been as dramatic as when he sat down with Adam Corolla.

What he said about the CIA, about Trump’s enemies, and about Barack Obama are getting a LOT of attention.

First, he has strong opinions about the CIA’s insubordination and the active role they played in rigging the 2020 results by suppressing information harmful to Joe Biden’s election chances — among other things. He’s horrified by the fact that so many people are looking directly at the critical facts and don’t seem to care even a little bit.

Second, as anyone who watched Tucker’s interview with Trump that ran opposite to the GOP debate would already realize, Tucker is pretty convinced that the MSNBC-NYTimes crowd is being told that DJT is an existential threat to Democracy, and that he’s secretly a white supremacist. The unwashed masses are being whipped up into the kind of frothing frenzy that is likely to equate the assassination of Trump to be — on some level — as honorable and necessary.

While the argument and logic are diseased, they would be the natural progression of thought from everything we’ve been taught to believe about the ‘extremist’ who is a ‘threat to democracy’ and has coordinated a ‘domestic terror’ group in an attempt to overthrow the US government.

History has passed us by and it’s too late to stop a Hitler from rising to power — but (to follow the diseased logic to it’s conclusion) it is NOT too late to learn the lesson well enough to keep history from repeating itself.

Only an idiot, a small child, or an ideologue could fail to see the gaping holes in the logic. But we have no shortage of such idiots walking our streets. An so, Tucker is concerned that an attempt may be made on Trump’s life.

Looking at how the same people who made Jacob Blake out to be a martyr who was paralyze by an evil white cop changes their tune completely around the events where a cop shot and killed an unarmed veteran in the Capitol, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how zealots could talk themselves into thinking that violence against someone as demonized as Trump has been might be deeply patriotic. Or have we already forgotten how one nutbar tried to shoot up a Christian think-tank because the SPLC proclaimed them to be a ‘hate’ group?

As for Obama, that one came up in the context of the parasitic relationship the media has with politics. He pointed to their reporting of Barak Obama, and a story he claims was known by everyone but not carried by the networks.

It was about allegations involving crack and gay sex… and how team Obama used media’s neediness as leverage to control the narrative.

Which of these do you think is the biggest story?

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