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AUSTIN: Grieving Mom BLASTS City Council For Reckless Defund-The-Police Policies

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Julia Kantor’s murdered 25yo son was among the 15 people shot during a mass shooting in June of 2021. The killer’s trial is about to begin, and Julia ripped her city council a new one over their role in allowing it to happen.

The guy with the gun may the one on trial, but events like these don’t happen in a vacuum. The point of making policies is to recognize risks and minimize the harms those risks can have on the ordinary citizen.

Because we recognize the devastating impact of fire: we fund fire departments.

Because we understand that every second matters in a medical emergency: we fund ambulance services.

Until it became politically unfashionable, that same logic also applied to police services.

Then 2020’s firey-but-mostly-peaceful summer of love and looting happened. The same police that had served as ‘COVID heroes’ a few short weeks earlier were suddenly blamed for everything but the weather.

When BLM was at its peak — before the leaders were exposed as a corrupt grifters — they pressed serious cultural pressure on politicians to join the cries of ‘defund-the-police’.

City Council in Austin Texas was happy to play along.

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Needless to say, the rest of the state didn’t back this approach:

Abbott To Activist Mayors — If You Defund Police, We’ll Jackhammer Your Tax Powers

In any case, it wasn’t until May of 2021 that Texas passed House Bill 1900 and the following year’s budget where Austin was dragged, kicking and screaming, to restore police funding.

The shooting at the heart of this story occurred after Austin’s City Council’s ‘Defund-the-police’ initiative and before pressure could be brought on them to reverse it.

Here is what Julia had to say to her city council.

“Aug 28th in Austin TX there will be jury selection for the murder of my son Douglas Kantor and the attack on 14 others for the June 12th 2021 mass shooting on 6th street,” Julia Kantor wrote in an email obtained by Fox News Digital to all Austin City Council members last week shortly before her son’s alleged killer, De’Ondre White, went on trial for murder.

Jury selection concluded on Monday, followed by opening statements on Tuesday. The ongoing trial is expected to take roughly two weeks.

“I hope you will follow this [trial] as your duty to your citizens,” Julia continued in her letter. “It was you, the city council and others who defunded the police and welcomed these evil people with no regard for life to run and ruin your city.” —FoxNewsDigital

Fifteen people were shot that day.

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