BIDENOMICS: Jake Sullivan Defends Money To World Bank While Our Economy Is Flailing

Written by Wes Walker on September 6, 2023

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Jake Sullivan is barely a second-tier spin doctor, and it shows.

He is asked a point-blank question about why we should be sending money to the World Bank to help *other* economies in trouble while our own economy under Biden is in a shambles.

It’s interesting to note that Sullivan doesn’t contest the claims about the economy being bad — because they are based on specific facts. Instead he makes a case for why it’s really in our own best interest if we send money abroad.

The arguments he makes to defend it sound suspiciously similar to the arguments Bush/Cheney used in support of putting boots on the ground in Iraq as well and (earlier still) the Domino Theory bolstering the argument for our involvement in Vietnam.

If we don’t solve our problem over there, it’s going to come over here.

That line of argument is pretty rich coming from a guy whose fingerprints are all over a botched Saigon surrender Kabul withdrawal two years ago.

We’re still sorting out both who got wrongly left behind to be terrorized by the Taliban and who came through on that massive airlift that should never have set foot here in the first place.

On that same note, the Biden administration is setting all-time records for the number of terrorists who have come into the country — that we know of — not to mention the inexplicable question of why we have thousands of Chinese nationals coming illegally through Mexico every month with at the same time that we are seeing China’s attempts to compromise our military bases ramping WAY up. Many of these people have known connections to China’s Red Army.

One might almost suspect they are coming in as sleeper cells or saboteurs with intent of causing havoc if America decided to step in and help Taiwan defend herself from being swallowed up.

As for the economy itself?

The financial problems already HAVE come here.

As one example:

As another:

Even Ro Khanna accidentally spoke the truth on Acosta’s show while trying to bash Republicans for looking into Biden Bribery allegations. He suggested they should be focussing on more important issues and gave a list of problems, including inflation outstripping the wage increases.

Whoops. He’s gone and pulled the mask off of the Dirty Secret at the heart of Bidenomics — the whole narrative is built on a foundation of half-truths and total lies. And he probably doesn’t even know he’s done so.

But we’ll all just keep cranking up the debt with the assumption that *someone* will keep lending America the money we need to cover it. I mean, that plan worked well enough in Germany’s Weimar Republic, right?

Does anyone happen to remember how that turned out?

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