BYE-BYE, BOOBIES: ‘Trans’ Shop Teacher Spotted Dressed As A Man And Sporting A BEARD

Written by Sir John, Eh! on September 1, 2023

It looks like a new school year might mean a new start for the Canadian shop teacher who made international headlines for wearing prosthetic Z-cup breasts in the classroom.

The Daily Mail spotted infamous Canadian shop teacher Kayla Lemieux (aka Kerry Luc Lemieux, a teacher “in good standing” since 2006 according to the Ontario College of Teachers, the governing body that certifies educators,) outside of the school he’s going to start teaching at next week, Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario.

Has Canadian teacher Kayla Lemieux, known for wearing a wig and flaunting gigantic prosthetic breasts under tight-fitting tops, packed them away for the upcoming school year?
With only days to go before students start classes at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario, exclusive photos reveal the 40-year-old has been showing up for work as a man – causing many to wonder if it was all a hoax.
Lemieux had nothing to say when a reporter asked why she claimed the breasts were real, nor would the teacher respond when asked if she would present as a female or male in classes this school year.
Parents were outraged when photos of Lemieux working at Oakville Trafalgar High School circulated last fall.
The controversial teacher insisted the enormous breasts are real – a result of a condition called ‘gigantomastia’ – and said she is not transgender but intersex, meaning born with male and female sex organs.
Lemieux admitted she had nothing from a doctor to back up the claims.
Source: Daily Mail

Exclusive photos of a man with a scruffy beard were included in the article.

Compare that to the photo of Lemieux sporting the wig and prosthetic breasts.

This isn’t the first time that Lemieux has been spotted without the famous “natural” Z-cup breasts and dressed as a man.

Rebel News reporter David Menzies got this scoop back in April:

ClashDaily has covered the Curious Case of Kayla Lemieux since the story broke last fall.

The question is… is the transformation permanent, or will the suddenly intersex-identifying “Kayla” and her alleged “gigantomastia” breasts return to the classroom?

As the Canadian ClashDaily correspondent, I’ll keep you all updated!

Sir John, Eh!
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