Divorce & Remarriage – What Saith The Scripture?

Written by Doug Giles on September 9, 2023

There are plenty of pastors in pulpits who wouldn’t touch this topic with a ten-foot pew. They would sooner stand between a mama bear and her cubs than take a public stand on this spicy text.

Do you think maybe that’s why there’s so much confusion on this ticklish topic?

“But things are different now…”

Are you sure about that?

Don’t for a minute think this wasn’t every bit as loaded a question when Jesus was hit with it in his Ask-Me-Anything session on the mean steets of Judea.

The last guy who had a public opinion on marriage and divorce wound up with his head on a platter. No, that’ was NOT a figure of speech.

John’s head really WAS lifted from his shoulders.

So obviously, the stakes were high. Whatever answer Jesus was about to give back in his day would have to be a lot better than the bumper-sticker platitude you might get from so many churches today.

Jesus was schlepping his sandal-clad feet through an absolute minefield. And He knew it.

What he said is just as relevant today as it was on the day he first said it.

Let’s have a look.

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