Kari Lake Claims To Have Found Malware In Voting Machines — Now What?

Written by Wes Walker on September 11, 2023

With the legal battles she’s been in over the Arizona election, it’s a coin flip whether she or Trump is a more polarizing figure.

The media portrays her as some sort of a cartoon villain whose nefarious plans never quite work out — on the level of Boris and Natasha trying to catch Bullwinkle.

Her superfans think she’s a stalwart hero fighting against all the odds.

That leaves a lot of people somewhere in the middle, wondering what to make of some VERY suspect 2022 election day results? How much is can be called an innocent SNAFU, and how much was deliberate chicanery looking to advance a specific result?

Unfortunately for Kari Lake, it’s really difficult to produce a smoking gun with the kind of airtight evidence that can’t be explained away though incompetence or mishap. And even if you have the evidence, it needs to find its way before a judge.

She was optimistic about a few previous cases that did not rule in her favor. Will this be the breakthrough she’s been looking for, or another disappointment?

In May, her legal team said the only two explanations for the irregularities at the heart of a court case were human malfeasance or malicious code… contrary to any claims of human error or mechanical problems.

Bryan Blehm said Maricopa County says the reasons many ballots printed at vote centers could not be read by the tabulators was due to unauthorized changes to the settings on the printers. That resulted in many ballots being printed at the wrong size.

“The new evidence … shows that that was absolutely false,” he told Judge Peter Thompson. “This could not be caused by a printer setting change on site.”

Blehm also said that a post-election review of the problems performed by a team headed by former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor found machines malfunctioned.

“None of the technical experts that they consulted with could explain how or why that occurred,” he said. “That’s malware or it is somebody remotely accessing the printer.”

Another new piece of “bombshell” information, Blehm said, was that printers failed on Election Day at 58% of vote centers, far more than known at the time of the trial when Thompson had previously thrown out that claim. — AZCapitolTimes

The Lake legal team claims to have identified the problem. They claim to have discovered malware on the voting machines in question.

They are asserting that malware was loaded onto voting machines in 223 different voting centers, causing over 200k ballot rejections.

That number is FAR beyond the margin of victory by which her Democratic opponent claimed victory.

In a related story: a judge made a ruling about ballot signatures.

What do you think?

Is there still some meat on this bone, or are her lawyers tilting at windmills?

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