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NYC’s Mayor Eric Adams’ View On ‘Sanctuary’ Has Changed DRAMATICALLY In 2 Years … What Changed? (VIDEO)

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Life comes at you fast when your virtue signaling suddenly has to be lived out.

The flood of illegal migrants crossing the southern border is so bad that it’s hitting northern blue states that had proudly proclaimed themselves to be “Sanctuary Cities” where “refugees” are welcomed and cared for.

Adams in October 2021 was adamant that New York City would remain a so-called “Sanctuary City” under his administration.

It was a pointless, leftist virtue signal of their progressive bona fides while these jurisdictions were distanced from the problem.

But as the crisis at the border exacerbated under Biden, the Governors of Texas and Florida decided to bus migrants to “Sanctuary” jurisdictions. That’s when the pointless virtue signaling became very, very real.

Adams in September 2022 still stood by allowing migrants to go wherever they want to in order to pursue the American Dream…

But that may no longer include New York City — because The Big Apple is full.

On Wednesday, Adams said that NYC can’t handle 10K migrants a month because it will “destroy the city as we know it.”

This is how residents in southern border towns in Texas and Arizona have been feeling for years.

And 10,000 migrants per month is a drop in the bucket because the Biden administration is simply refusing to end the illegal border crossing.

In 2022, Adams was blasting Texas Governor Greg Abbott for busing migrants to NYC which had proudly virtue signalled its status as a Sanctuary City.

Now, he is the one busing migrants out of New York — but insists it isn’t the same thing.

Adams is now blasting other Democrats for NYC’s migrant crisis.

He’s taking issue with New York Governor Kathy Hochul insisting that NYC’s shelter policies shouldn’t be applied to other areas of the state.

While Adams does take a swipe at New York Republicans, he also rants that the Biden administration is not dealing with the influx of illegal migrants properly.

The old saying is that a conservative is a liberal who has been “mugged by reality.”

Maybe we’re watching Mayor Adams get mugged by reality in real-time.

It shouldn’t be a surprise — after all, mugging is on the rise again in NYC.

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