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Texas ‘Church’ Builds Funding Network For Minors To Get Out-Of-State Genital Mutilation

It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that this ‘church’ prides itself on NOT holding to any of the New Testament’s warnings against false teachers or a false gospel.

This group — which calls themselves the Galileo Church — believes that giving money to help children undergo surgery that will sterilize them is not only an act of kindness, they are framing it as ‘the most important work they have done’.

Is America headed for a recession?

Then again, their ‘missional priorities’ get down to the 3rd of 5 enumerated priorities before even making a vague reference to God.

Those priorities are:
– We do justice for LGBTQ+ people
– We do kindness Re: neurodiversity; Mental Health
– We do beauty for our God-Who-Is-Beautiful
– We do real relationship, no bulls**t (not censored in the original, so you know they’re cool and edgy)
– We do whatever it takes to share this good news with the world

The give a very self-righteous history lesson explaining why they are not like those ‘other’ Christians who put narrow boundaries around who IS and IS NOT really a Christian that reads a little bit like that prayer of the pharisee who thanked God he was not like that tax-collector over there.

We could get into a debate about why a group making such a declaration is just another cult piggybacking on the coat-tails of a faith with which it shares no common ground, by mentioning that the biblical warning about taking communion unworthily directly contradicts their own little history lesson, and that Paul addressed such people with his stark warning to the Galations that even if he or an angel from heaven showed up preaching ‘another gospel’ they should be ‘accursed’.

But such a debate would keep us from the story at hand.

The Galileo Church established the North Texas TRANSportation Network (NTTN) to provide $1,000 travel grants to families with children who claim to identify non-biologically and seek medical intervention out-of-state.

“It might be the most important work we’ve ever done,” the church claimed on social media.

The group admits that “$1,000 is not enough to cover the entire cost of, say, a round trip to Colorado with a two- or three-day stay, medical expenses, and loss of income. We hope it is a substantial help, however, and a declaration of support for families who are paying attention to their kid’s need for care.”

There are no income limitations for grant recipients, and NTTN only requires that the families live in North Texas and can verify they have a “trans minor child seeking health care.” — TheFederalist

The ‘lead evangelist’ of this alleged church is a graduate of MIT, of Princeton AND of Yale… the latter two were divinity programs… a fact which would likely have the founders of those once-proud seminaries rolling in their graves.

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