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Trump & DeSantis Trade Punches Over Fauci, COVID — Who’s Right?

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Getting beyond the personality issues, one point of distinction between policy and content side of the Trump and DeSantis campaigns centers on the Covid response.

When Megyn Kelly raised the topic in an interview with Trump, he took some swings at DeSantis while downplaying or even ducking some of the Fauci questions.

The DeSantis campaign had no intention of taking any of that lying down… and they hit back.

Here are both videos. It’s an issue Republicans will need to sort out before the General Election, because either of these men will be taking fire from a hostile press over Covid.

Here’s the Trump interview.

Here is Steve Deace with some follow-up questions to DeSantis, as they go through some of Trump’s swipes at him one by one:

Who has the right answer to these questions? And if the answer to that question does not match the candidate you want to see win, how should they change their covid messaging?

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