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Tuberman Claims Victory As Schumer Cries Uncle Over Abortion Blockade(VIDEO)

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The GOP Senate may not have been as flashy as their counterparts in the House this session, but there has still been some drama. The fight Coach Tuberville picked with Chuck Schumer just came to a head.

Is America headed for a recession?

Coach Tommy Tuberville takes his pro-life position seriously. He doesn’t appreciate the Biden administration defying the law by using tax dollars to pay for abortions. Since the GOP has no real authority in a Senate that is being run by Democrats who are marching lockstep with every whim of Schumer, Tuberville is using the tools he still has at his disposal to press issues important to him and to the people who elected him.

The official Schumer talking point is that Tommy Tuberville has been singlehandedly holding up the promotion of military officers over the abortion issue. This is the same Chuck Schumer that triggered a government shutdown so that the border provisions that Paul Ryan’s House finally signed in the dying moments of his tenure as House Leader would be blocked from being signed into law until they died on the vine on January 1st when Nancy Pelosi took up the gavel with an entirely different budgetary agenda.

Republicans tell the Tuberville story a different way. They point out that Schumer had the power to push the vote forward on these nominations from the beginning, but was pretending that Tuberville was doing great harm to the military. Schumer did so in a cynical effort to leverage this issue to discredit Republicans.

“Sen. Tuberville’s rarely used procedural maneuver would have threatened Sen. Schumer’s power by forcing a vote on the nomination,” Clint Brown, vice president of government relations at The Heritage Foundation, explained to The Daily Signal. (The Daily Signal is the news outlet of the Heritage Foundation). “Rather than give up power, Schumer decided to schedule votes himself.”

“Through this trick play, Sen. ‘Coach’ Tuberville forced Schumer to show his hand that the Senate could have been voting on these noms all along,” Brown added. “This proves that it is Democrats who are unwilling to do the work to move these nominations. Still, if Democrats are unwilling to do the work of voting on each individual nominee, they could pressure DOD to rescind the immoral and legally suspect abortion policy.”

Republican Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst weighed in on Schumer’s actions Wednesday, asking during a presser, “Senator Schumer has had this opportunity for months now. He is the one who has been holding hostage the military men and women who serve this country. So why the heck didn’t he do it sooner?”

“As I’ve said previously,” chimed in Republican Alabama Sen. Katie Boyd Britt, “Senator Schumer has the power to schedule votes on each of these nominees. Today’s move only confirms this has been true all along.” — LifeNews

Here are the speeches each player in this drama gave.

First, the chest-thumping speech Sen “Chuck U.” Schumer (as Limbaugh used to call him) gave as he tried to frame this as a victory…

Next, the one given in response by Senator Coach Tuberville after Sen Schumer caved and finally made the exact move he could have executed months ago.

The big question you should be asking at this point is the WHY question.

If it was always this easy to push through a nomination, and the only thing Tuberville did was make everyone vote on it so that their votes would be on the record — why would Schumer fight so hard for unanimous consent?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that many vulnerable Dem Senators have their seats up for election next year, and they aren’t super excited about having their name attached to the confirmation someone like this guy:

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