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While BIDEN Invites 11,000 Illegals A DAY Into America, Sweden Is Ramping UP Deportations

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The left might think it’s hilarious that Dems have basically erased the border and nobody can stop them but across the Atlantic, a country that tried this approach is backpedaling HARD.

In 2015, when Europe was being swamped with a massive refugee crisis that catapulted immigration to one of the top concerns of the 2016 election, many bleeding-heart lefties there looked like Democrats today. They were bragging about how compassionate they were by inviting hordes of unvetted people from around the world, with no upper limit on how many could come and no restrictions on who qualifies.

It wasn’t long before countries were overwhelmed not just with strangers, but with a great many social problems they had not pepared for.

One of the big problems Sweden faced will sound familiar to American ears: gang involvement. But it’s a category error to think of their gang problem in the same terms we might think of our own run-of-the-mill domestic urban criminal gang-bangers.

Swedes soon discovered, to their horror, that this subset of criminals came from different countries, brought values from very different cultures, and their gangs operate under a different set of ‘rules’ than the home-grown kind.

Sweden had a population of 9.3 million or so in 2010. Their population is currently 10.6 million. Two crime stories will bring our readers up to speed on just how bad the situation has gotten in Sweden lately.


Gang wars have brought an “unprecedented” wave of violence to Sweden, the national police chief has said, after a week of fatal shootings.
Sweden has for several years been in the grip of a conflict between gangs fighting over arms and drug trafficking, involving firearms and explosive devices.
[…] The police chief said the perpetrators were often from abroad, but did not mention any nationalities.
[…] In 2022, there were 391 shootings in Sweden, 62 of which were fatal, while 45 people were killed by gunfire the previous year. — Guardian


Four explosions rocked residential buildings in different cities less than an hour apart.
Bomb squad experts have been called in after Swedish cities were rocked by four explosions in just over an hour, police said, with the country struggling to rein in a surge of gang-related violence.
[…] In 2022, Sweden saw 90 blasts and another 101 cases of attempted bombings or preparations for bombings, according to police data.
As of August 15, 109 detonations had been recorded this year.
Police have previously said that bombs are mainly used to intimidate targets, while shootings are used to kill and eliminate enemies. — Globepost

Naming the cause…

You know something’s gone very wrong when even a far-left news source like the Guardian is reporting details like this (emphasis supplied):

The police were doing everything in their power to stop the violence, he added. “Criminal conflicts in Sweden are a serious threat to the safety and security of the country.”

In a national address on Thursday night, the prime minister, Ulf Kristersson, said it was “a difficult time for Sweden”, blaming “political naivety” and “unsuccessful integration”.

Kristersson, whose minority-run government came into power a year ago after an election dominated by debates on gang crime, added: “Sweden has never seen anything like it. No country in Europe has seen anything like it.

Pledging to “chase” and “defeat” the gangs, he said those involved would be sent to court and that if they were from outside Sweden, they would be deported.

Swedish law, he said, was not built for “gang crime and child soldiers” and that they would put in place all the resources needed. “Everything is on the table,” he said. —Guardian

Swedish PM will begin deporting gang-members

Last year, more than 60 people died in shootings in Sweden – the highest on record – and this year is set to be the same or worse.

An official government report published in 2021 stated that four in every million inhabitants were dying in shootings each year in Sweden – compared with 1.6 people per million across Europe.

Police have linked the violence to poor integration of immigrants, a widening gap between rich and poor and drug use.

Mr Kristersson’s centre-right minority government which came to power last year, with the support of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, has not yet been able to stem the violence.

The prime minister said on Thursday he would push ahead with more surveillance, harsher penalties for breaking gun laws, stronger deportation powers and stop and search zones – adding he had been learning from the mayor of New York after a visit to the city last week. — BBC

A Swedish voice from the Right, Peter Sweden translated part of the Prime Minister’s speech into English on his substack (no paywall, here) in an article that explaned to those of us in the West that Sweden now has 61 ‘no-go-zones’ and made the following observations afterward:

So to outline some of the things Sweden will do now to crack down on the gangs:

  • Looking at deploying the military to assist the police in fighting the gangs.
  • Deporting foreigners involved in criminal gangs, even if they haven’t been convicted of any crimes yet.
  • Build new prisons for youths to separate them from adult criminals.
  • Doubling the sentences for serious weapons crime and crimes involving explosives.
  • Make sure that all children learn Swedish.
  • Introduce tougher sentences so that dangerous criminals will never get out of prison.

I was quite surprised to hear this. I never thought Sweden would suddenly wake up one day and decide to ignore political correctness. — Peter Sweden Substack

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