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9 Reasons Why Republicans Should Be THRILLED That Mike Johnson Is The New Speaker

For the first time in a long time, the Speaker reflects the values of the Average Joe and not the party elites.

The House of Representatives has a new Speaker and conservative Republicans should be thrilled.

Sure, it was messy and, honestly, really awful optics that made the GOP look like they’re in disarray and unable to govern. But it looks like the (arguably stupid) stunt by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) worked — we now have a non-squish Republican Speaker of the House that was voted in unanimously by House Republicans.

Trump reacts to the possibility of Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson becoming Speaker of the House.

The final vote total was 220-209.

The sign on the Speaker’s office has already been changed.

A lot of people out there don’t know who the new Speaker is, and we could give you the deets like he’s 51 years old, married to his lovely wife, Kelly, and they have 4 children, and that he’s an unapologetic Evangelical Christian.

We could tell you that this is his 4th term in Congress and his former occupations include: attorney who specialized in Congressional law, former college professor, and conservative talk show host.

We could add that Johnson appears to be much closer to the sentiments of the GOP base than the party elites that have been running things for decades, but let’s do things a little differently.

Here’s a quick primer with some of the top reasons why GOP voters should be celebrating today using videos of the newly-minted Speaker Mike Johnson doing what he does best.

1. He’s a man of prayer.

2. He united the GOP.

3. He supports free speech.

4. Standards are important to him.

That extends to Pelosi’s speech-ripping stunt.

And he’s going after the Biden Crime Family for the same reason.

5. He’s solidly pro-life.

6. He’s fantastic at asking the right questions at the right time.

7. He opposes so-called “gender-affirming care” calling it “barbarism” and “the mutilation of children.”

8. Johnson also opposes the “woke” indoctrination in schools and the DOJ harassing parents for speaking out about it.

And perhaps the most compelling reason…

9. What he said in his speech right after he won the Speakership.

Look, there are a number of reasons that Republicans should be happy about this — Speaker Johnson wants to be responsible with tax dollars, opposes blank checks to Ukraine, and believes in limited government as well as personal responsibility. His conservative bona fides are pretty darned good.

He is America First and supported the MAGA policies of President Trump.

And as a bonus, his Speakership really ticks off the far-left Dems.

I just can’t imagine why they’re not fans…

Heh. That alone is worth it.

In case you do want a more conventional bio, Simon Ateba, White House Correspondent for Today’s News Africa, posted 14 points about Speaker-Elect Johnson listed below:

1- He is an attorney with a focus on Constitutional law who worked with religious groups

2- He worked as a college professor and conservative talk show host

3- He served in the Louisiana House from 2015 and 2017

4- He was elected to represent Louisiana’s 4th District in 2016

5- He is the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference

6- Former Chair of the Republican Study Committee Conference

7- Served on Trump’s first Senate impeachment trial defense team

8- Drafted House GOP legal brief supporting Texas suit

9- Objected to certification of Biden’s election results

10- He sponsored more bills that passed than the average Republican House member

11- He voted to raise the debt ceiling but not to avoid a government shutdown

12- He’s now asking for a possible continuing resolution to keep the government open.

13- He also has broad GOP support on the House

14- He is not, however, very good at fundraising.

K. Walker

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