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BEYOND PARODY: White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre SCOOPS The Babylon Bee

It's kind of a problem when a statement from the administration was the same as a draft on a news satire site.

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Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House’s Chief Diversity Hire, said something that was so absurd that one Babylon Bee editor shared a screenshot of a draft post by the Christian satire site that was remarkably similar.

On Monday, Jean-Pierre, the clueless former spokesperson turned Biden’s Press Secretary, took a question from a reporter about the level of concern that the President has for the rise in anti-Semitism in the wake of the terrorist attack on Israel on October 7 and the resulting war declared by Israel. Her completely tone-deaf response was to talk about the White House’s concern about Islamophobia.

Here’s a transcript of the Q&A.

WH PRESS POOL REPORTER: What is his level of concern right now about the potential rise of antisemitism in light of everything that’s going on in Israel?

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: So, a couple of things. Look, we have not seen any credible threats. I know there’s been always questions about credible threats. And so, just want to make sure that that’s out there. But, look, Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks. And certainly President Biden understands that many of our Muslim, Arab — Arab — Arab Americans and Palestinian American loved ones and neighbors are worried about the hate being directed at their communities. And that is something you heard the President speak to in his — in his address just last — last Thursday.

In her response, she says that Muslims “have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks.” That’s simply not true.

The Department of Justice released updated hate crime stats earlier this year, and what she said is completely off the mark. Of the 1,590 incidents related to religion, anti-Jewish hate crimes were the vast majority comprising 51.4% of the total while anti-Islamic incidents made up just 9.6% — that’s third falling in behind anti-Sikh incidents at 11.6%.

According to the Biden DOJ, Jews are subjected to hate crimes at a rate 5 times that of Muslims in America.

That reality just doesn’t make a great talking point for the often anti-semitic far-left “progressives”, though.

Joel Berry, Managing Editor of The Babylon Bee,  posted a photo of the draft post and captioned it, “It’s hard to stay ahead of reality at The Babylon Bee. We had this written last night only to wake up and see the White House doing exactly this before we had the chance to publish.”

Years ago, Norm McDonald made a similar joke.

Jean-Pierre’s position shouldn’t be a surprise. In a 2019 Newsweek op-ed, Jean-Pierre urged Democrats to skip the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference calling the organization “severely racist” and claiming that it had “become known for trafficking in anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric while lifting up Islamophobic voices and attitudes.”

“You cannot call yourself a progressive while continuing to associate yourself with an organization like AIPAC that has often been the antithesis of what it means to be progressive,” wrote Jean-Pierre who cited opposition to the Obama administration’s Iran Deal and not rolling out the welcome mat for travelers from countries that are known to have a problem with Islamic extremism.

She also used the opportunity to take some cheap shots at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and suggested that Israel had committed war crimes in Gaza when confronting protesters. Her source for the war crimes claim was… the United Nations — perhaps the most anti-semitic organization on the planet that has somehow been given a veneer of legitimacy.

It looks like it’s pretty clear where the White House Press Secretary’s sympathies lie.

Democrats have been shouting their bias from the rooftops lately.

Even Joel Berry admits that the Bee’s post was perhaps a little too on-the-nose to be satire.

I don’t envy the writers over at The Bee these days! In the absurd world that we now find ourselves in, how do they manage to keep up?!

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