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BOOM: Cocky Shoplifter Gets KO’d By A PRECISION Throw — With A Coke Bottle??

This guy's got one hell of a throwing arm

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Shameless shoplifters are robbing stores with impunity these days. They have been incentivized by a very simple equation: low risk + high reward.

Prosecutors aren’t interested in these cases. Cops know they are wasting their time if they make the arrest. And the shoplifters know they are getting away scott-free.

There is a very good reason we want government to administer justice. The other option is vigilante justice.

When you can’t call the cops to deal with a lawbreaker, you’ve got to look at your other options.

In this case, the ‘other option’ is a well-aimed bottle of coke to the melon.

One employee tried to — very reasonably — to block the shoplifter from walking out the door with unpaid merchandise.

Someone else saw how this was playing out and was having none of it.

And DOWN he goes!

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