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Dems Finally Prioritize Confirming Israel Ambassador — There’s Just ONE Problem

The guy Biden picked for Israel's ambassador sympathizes with the terrorists

Israel doesn’t have a proper ambassador at the moment. The last guy (who took 5 months to be appointed and another six to be confirmed) stepped down as of July 21st.

Biden chose a successor, Jack Lew, on September 5. The last duly-appointed ambassador to Israel served from December of 2021 until June 15, 2023. His nomination has been stalled in committee, where Chuck Schumer

With Israel now at war, having a duly appointed ambassador instead of an acting ambassador is important. If nothing else, we have American citizens on the ground in the region in whose interrests our Ambassadors are responsible for acting.

It shouldn’t really surprise us that setting a new one would be a low priority in the Biden years — just look at how Biden has stiff-armed and publicly criticized Bibi since taking office.

Biden’s staff is so indifferent to Israel that they weren’t even allowed to make direct references to the Abraham Accords for a long time. Why would he? It was a Trump accomplishment, and for people like Joe who elevate party about country, a Republican — especially Trump — must not be permitted to HAVE any accomplishments. To mention Trump at all, he must invoke some kind of ‘extremism’.

But as we have learned time and again in the Biden years, just you having an appointee doesn’t guarantee you have a good one.

Just like Joe’s energy choices were actually HOSTILE to domestic energy production, his ‘misinformation czar’ was actually a censorious tyrant, and a tried to appoint a graduate from Moscow who spoke favorably of the old USSR to oversee the banks.

With Israel under attack from her neighbors and the with weapons behind the slaughter being supplied by Iran, the one criteria that you would NOT want to find in an ambassador to Israel is someone who has been sympathetic to the country responsible for the violence against it.

Biden did worse than that — he’s chosen someone who played a direct role in Iran having the money they needed to fund their killers.

Sen Cotton shed some light on this issue earlier today while interviewed on FoxNews, transcribed from live TV:

TOM COTTON: I hope the Senate Foreign Relations Committee stops Jack Lew’s nomination. It’s not good for us that he’s our ambassador to Israel and it’s not good for Israel because he has a history of conciliating with Iran. Over and above the Nuclear deal thing which was President Obama’s deal, it’s bad enough that he championed it and implemented it, but he even gave Iran a special licence to convert almost six billion in foreign currency into dollars, this was over and above the nuclear deal and what we were obligated to do under it. He promised Congress he wouldn’t do that, he broke his promise, and then he lied to Congress about it.

So I think it’s important not that we confirm him to show our support for Israel, rather that we stop this nomination to show we have a new approach to Iran. That is more urgent than ever today. We just heard Iran and its proxies have attacked Americans more than a dozen times since Hamas’s savage attack on Israel.

The Secretary of State yesterday said if Iran attacks Americans we will respond — yet where is the response? We should be massively retaliating against Iran’s proxies and against Iran itself to show them that we will not stand idly by for attacks on Americans. All this weakness is doing is emboldening Iran, encouraging more attacks. Sooner or later, Americans are going to die because of it.

Would we expect anything less of a Biden administration that hired literal Iranian spies (or at least state-sponsored agents) to work in his government? One was actually negotiating with Iran on ‘America’s’ behalf.

Look up ‘Project Cassandra’ if you want to see the lengths federal Democrats have deep-sixed national interests in attempts to ingratiate themselves to Iran. This problem began in the Obama years and has picked up right where Obama left off.

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