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DISNEY: South Park’s Parody Of Pandering Producers Is Pitch-Perfect

South Park introduces 'The Panderstone' as an explanation for why Disney Storylines went so woke...

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Do you remember the famous ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ scene from Fantasia where Mickey Mouse borrows the wizards’ cap to ‘magic’ his way out of doing his chores? The Panderstone has some modernized Multiverse echoes of the same illicit-shortcut-gone-wrong theme.

In the Fantasia version Mickey Mouse magics up a mop to carry the buckets of water for him and do the hard work for him. It goes really well… until it doesn’t.

In the South Park version, Disney discovers The Panderstone which is an interdimensional artifact that creates a formula for cranking out scripts that turn into successful films, and recirculating old scripts with new, ‘diverse’ characters.

But Disney went to the Panderstone a little TOO often. The more Disney relied on it, the more it switched out major characters to pander to interest groups.

The whole thing gets out of hand in a VERY South-Park way. (As you will expect, there’s plenty of profanity. If that bothers you, well, you’ve been warned.)

Even her picking the lock to get into the ‘CEOs Only’ seems to be a deliberate nod to Mickey stealing the wizard’s magic hat… especially since the wizard was himself a nod to Walt Disney.

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