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Jewish Delegation Shames UN’s Failure To Denounce 10/7 By Wearing Star Of David

These folks aren't kidding when they say Never Again means NEVER Again

The UN has — once again demonstrated — its uselessness by failing to pass a resolution that would denounce the shameful attacks on civilians the world saw on 10/7.

People were raped. Half-naked female prisoners were paraded through the streets before meeting an untimely death. Pregnant women had their wombs ripped open. Children had eyes gouged out. A baby was cooked to death in an oven.

The carnage perpetrated on Jewish civilians was unlike anything seen since Hitler’s Death Camps were finally liberated by the Allies.

Denouncing such murderous outrage should be easy. It proved to be too much to ask of the United Nations.

More on that story here: The United Nations Took A Vote… Now One Senator Wants Its Funding Revoked

Now, as a symbolic reminder of the UN’s failure to denounce the savage murder of 1400 Jews — not to mention people from other countries who were caught up in the slaughter — the Jewish delegation of the UN will wear a visible reminder of the last time world leaders failed to stand up and say something until it was too late.

Let’s not hold our breaths waiting for them to do the right thing.

This IS still the UN, after all.

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