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NASTY: CDC Rolling Out New Advice For Ducking Disease From Slutty Sex

With disease skyrocketing, and after last year’s Monkeypox scare, it looks like the CDC has thrown in the towel about any pretense they may have clung to about advocating for ‘safe sex’.

Between the power the abortion lobby and rainbow lobby currently hold over our debauched culture, any medical advice that has even a whiff of traditional morality — advice like, say, not whoring yourself out with every available stranger you happen to meet — will be met with suspicion if not hostility.

The ‘education’ approach to this problem has fallen short

For those of our readers to young to remember, the entire logic behind introducing Sex Ed to public schools was based on the assumption that abstinence or even some degree of self-restraint was too much to expect of teens anymore, so a ‘safe sex’ program was introduced to teens to educate them on how to prevent pregnancy and limit the transmission of disease.

Self-restraint, you will note, is no longer even on the menu.

For all of that ‘education’ we have, we are told that abortion pills account for about 54% of abortions, when you combine the surgical and pharmacological abortion rate in 2020, all that ‘education’ has done little or nothing to put a dent in the numbers from the peak rate of abortions back in 1990.

The comparison looks even more bleak when you consider the massive increase in percentages of non-procreative sex society has seen in that same timeframe.

As for Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections, those are being passed around so freely (including some drug-resistant super-bug versions) that their numbers kept growing, even in the midst of the pandemic. (CDC #’s here)

The CDC is changing tactics

Rather than pivoting back to encouraging society to hold up a high moral bar and accepting that some will fail to meet it, they are moving the other direction, assuming the failure of both morality AND education and rolling out an antibiotic equivalent of the ‘morning after’ abortion pill.

Doctors should weigh prescribing some of their patients a pill of a powerful antibiotic, doxycycline, to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, according to new draft recommendations released Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Officials say the approach, dubbed doxycycline post-exposure prophylaxis, or Doxy-PEP for short, could mark a turning point in the nation’s fight against the ongoing epidemic of sexually transmitted infections, or STIs.

It comes after growing early research has found that doxycycline could prevent bacterial infections from taking root when taken in the days soon after potential exposure during sex, instead of reserving pills of the antibiotic only for doctors treating diseases after they are diagnosed.

“It’s going to take game-changing innovations for us to turn the STI epidemic around. And Doxy-PEP is the first major new prevention intervention we have for STIs in decades,” Dr. Jonathan Mermin, head of the CDC’s National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, said in an interview. — CBS

The belief is that this approach might prevent as many as tens of thousands of disease transmissions a year.

The CDC made what lawers would call an ‘admission against interest’ in naming which groups are the ‘most affected’ by rampant disease.

For now, the CDC’s draft recommendations for offering the antibiotic are limited to the groups of Americans hardest hit by the STI epidemic: gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, as well as transgender women.

Among those communities, the CDC further narrowed the scope of its recommendation to those who have been diagnosed in the past year with at least one STI caused by bacteria, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis. Others could be considered based on participating in events that raise the risk of exposure to STIs.

For people who the agency estimates “would benefit the most” from Doxy-PEP, the agency will tell doctors that prescribing a 200 mg dose of doxycycline “should be considered” for patients to take as soon as possible — no more than 72 hours — after oral, vaginal or anal sex. — CBS

Interestingly, the pill didn’t really seem to help actual women very much.

Closing Thoughts — two questions:

Question One: how does the widespread administration of these pills square with what we have been long told about the number one cause of Superbugs being the overprescription/overuse/misuse of antibiotics?

Question Two: We notice that Monkey Pox went from being essentially a new disease outbreak in May of 2022, to an epidemic of more than 3500 cases by mid-June, affecting 30 countries within one month and 48 countries within 2 months, with at least one fetish festival and one pride parade event being transmission vectors, among other similar information.

If the scientific experts understood MonkeyPox (now ‘MPox’) very early on, and before it had spread widely, and they STILL weren’t able to rein in high-risk behavior enough to ‘slow the spread’, so to speak, how are we to have any confidence that this new silver bullet will solve the problem?

Isn’t this solution every bit as foolish as someone who eats three boxes of Twinkies a day trying to do enough sit-ups to finally get six-pack abs?

There’s a better way, and we’ve already hinted at it.

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