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Rabbi Shmuley BLASTS ‘Good Friend’ Sen. Cory Booker For Posting Support For Israel After Funding Iran

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Booker’s former bestie did not hold back and it’s glorious!

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) was apparently in Israel when Hamas terrorists attacked civilians early Saturday morning.

He said he was out for a jog in the Old City when he got a text from his staff to return to the hotel because of the terror attack. Booker said that he returned as quickly as possible and joined others in the bomb shelter — the stairwell of the hotel.

The New Jersey Senator is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and was in Israel ahead of the N7 Summit that will focus on the Abraham Accords.

“Senator Booker and accompanying staff were in Jerusalem when Hamas launched their attacks against Israel on Saturday, and sheltered in place for their safety,” Maya Krishna-Rogers, a spokesperson for Booker, said in a statement. “We are grateful that Senator Booker and our colleagues were able to safely depart Israel earlier today.”
Booker arrived in Israel on Friday for several days of planned meetings and to visit sites ahead of an Abraham Accords-focused N7 summit on regional economic integration in Tel Aviv, the statement said.
Source: Fox News

He posted a video explaining that he was safe and condemned the terror attack by Hamas.

Booker posted on X:

I was in Israel when the horrific attacks carried out by Hamas started on Saturday. My team and I are now safe, but like many we are shaken, angered, and heartbroken by the hundreds killed, the thousands injured, those taken hostage, and all who are directly affected by these sickening terrorist attacks.
After this experience, more than ever, I am committed to working with my colleagues in the Senate to continue supporting Israel’s security and ensuring stability in the region — and I hope one day soon, a long-term and just peace in the region.

It is now clear that the anti-Israel, Islamist Regime in Iran assisted Hamas in the horrific attack. In 2015, Senator Booker supported Obama’s Iran Deal despite pressure in his home state to oppose it.

Well, Senator Booker, it looks like we learned what the cost of that Iran Deal actually is — thousands of Jewish lives, billions of dollars freed up in the Islamist state that can be used to fund terrorism everywhere, and Iran is close to becoming a nuclear power anyway.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who became a close friend and mentor to Booker when they met at Oxford University in the early 1990s, blasted his buddy in a couple of tweets urging his friend in a hashtag to condemn Iran.

Rabbi Shmuley quoted Booker’s post with the following comment:

@corybooker please stop bragging about how you endured rockets in Israel. You were my closest friend for 25 years. You were my student president at Oxford and my brother. Then you voted to give the Iranian terrorist monsters, who are largely responsible through Hamas for this attack that murdered 700 Israelis, $150 billion to murder innocents, in order to preserve your political standing. Also, right after you made this video, your staff spirited you right out of Israel. And I wonder if you got special treatment to get on a plane to get out of the war zone. The only hope for our friendship and your relationship with Jewish Community is for you to finally come to the well of the Senate floor this week and condemn your own vote to give billions to Iran and by extension Hamas and to apologize profusely, and beg forgiveness of the innocent Iranian people being brutalized by their Goverment and the world Jewish community. Otherwise, we are not interested in these posts. Words are cheap Cory. Remember all the Torah we studied together? It’s action that counts #CoryCondemnIran

Booker voting to continue funding the largest state sponsor of terror is clearly a sore point.

Booker is probably not going to change his tune even after the appeals from his “good friend.”

Despite their decades-long friendship, the Rabbi mentoring Booker, and playing an influential role in the former Presidential hopeful’s early political career, Booker chose to scrub Boteach from his memoir.

It was Booker’s support for Obama’s awful Iran Deal that seems to have severed the ties — at least on one side.

Rabbi Shmuley said that he continued to consider Booker a friend and even penned a 2015 op-ed in The Observer reassuring the Jewish community that Booker would never “vote against Israel.”

Even after learning that he had been snubbed in Booker’s memoir, Boteach insisted Booker will always be a friend.

“Cory will always be a soul-friend,” Rabbi Shmuley told The Observer in 2016. “We’ve had so much history together and he has said numerous times in public and on the record, very flatteringly, that I am arguably the person who has had more influence on his life than any other person and I took his life in a totally different direction.”

Booker might be a “soul-friend”, but he’s now a politician. On his side of the political spectrum, paying the occasional lip-service to Israel while turning a blind eye to virulent antisemitism appears to be the way to get ahead.

The far-left “Squad” wing of the party can make or break a political career and Cory Booker knows it. He is now in a position where he has to carefully play footsie with radical extremists that think that routine war crimes are an acceptable response to what they perceive as “oppression” by the only democracy in the Middle East, while trying to condemn anti-Jewish sentiment at the same time.

That’s a difficult position to be in, but if you examine Booker’s behavior, his position is pretty clear.

Senator Booker is going to have a difficult time convincing the Jewish community that he stands with them with that kind of record.

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