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Tucker Asks Some Forbidden Questions About George Floyd … Here Are The Answers He Got

Lemme guess... Tucker's guest is a 'bigot' for saying this, too?

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The summer of 2020 was a weird moment in American history. Anyone who dared to speak the truth was silenced if that truth conflicted with what was permissible.

Besides the Trans/LGBT issues that were already in play, two new shibboleth’s emerged. One was rigid orthodoxy in all things COVID-related. The other was ruthless enforcement of BLM narratives. If you questioned certain official narratives or talking points, you were shut down. If you suggested that ‘all lives matter’ is just as valid as ‘black lives matter’, you were branded a bigot… and so on.

Lost in that noise were some of the particular details surrounding the incident that became the match that lit the fuse. We mean, of course, the death of George Floyd.

With Biden taking time to honor him the way one might a hero, enough time has passed that we can revisit that original event and consider with the objectivity that only distance can provide.

A few details come up in this interview that you won’t find in very many other places… including some autopsy details that — if corroborated — would exonerate Derek Chauvin.

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