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Vilified Driver Swept Up In Mob Of Palestine Protesters Vindicated By Video

The story that came out NOT match the narrative they were pushing for

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As it becomes more common for angry mobs of militants to take to the streets and block, intimidate, harass, or even attack drivers, we are seeing more and more drivers treat these crowds as a mortal threat to their lives.

The choices you make when you believe you are being threatened with harm are necessarily different from the sorts of choices you might otherwise make in a tense situation.

In a world divided into very convenient categories of ‘oppressor’ and ‘oppressed’, every group that leftwing activists agree with are ‘oppressed’ or ‘marginalized’ and every individual or group with which they disagree is some sort of an oppressor.

That’s the logic that drives corporate journos to label, for instance, Larry Elder as the ‘Black Face of White supremacy’. Is it any wonder the narrative was ready to go right out of the box when a motorist, caught in the middle of a sea of protesters, tries to push his way through them?

The ready-made narrative — deliberately invoking echoes of Charlottesville — is that some random road-rager gets upset with the inconvenience of peaceful protesters blocking his path and bowls them over.

That was the social media messaging some tried to convey.

A would-be public servant running for office there tried to incite an online mob to dox, target and ruin the driver’s life.

Video evidence shot that down. Hard.

These Hamassholes are waving the flag of the same group responsible for the rape, torture, and murder of more than 1000 Jews on the biggest slaughter of Jewish civilians since the liberation of the Nazi Death camps.

They even threw the ‘Palestinian’ flag/pole as a weapon at the car whose driver just wanted to get the hell out of there.

But their ‘get him’ instinct was strong. They made it really tough for him to actually get out of their way. Because they had no interest in peace.

Which explains the support for this particular cause.

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