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WaPo Caption Said Israeli Children Held As Hostages In Gaza Were ‘Detained’ By Hamas

When did our press become stenographers for terrorists?

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Rush Limbaugh used to call the corporate press the “drive-by media” and he wasn’t wrong.

Reporting in most of the media is shallow, often uninformed, and then they just move right along to the next story that they cover exactly the same way.

The media at large uncritically repeats what’s told to them by whatever source — as long it confirms their priors.

That’s what they’re doing with the current war in the Middle East.

And boy, oh, boy is it a problem.

Be aware that every time an article says “Palestinian authorities” that’s code for “Hamas spokesperson”.

Our failing Regime Media is uncritically reporting what Hamas is telling them and essentially legitimizing them as “authorities” in the process.

The media is essentially acting as regime propagandists parroting whatever is fed to them by a terrorist organization that just tortured and slaughtered Israeli civilians in a way that would’ve made Heinrich Himmler stand up and applaud.

While some terrorist sympathizers in the press are outing themselves with their bylines, we may never know the names of the people behind the scenes who choose to frame the “news” with a clear bias.

There was a spectacular example of this yesterday with a caption for a photo in the Washington Post that stated that an Israeli woman’s children were “detained” by Hamas.

Author and conservative journalist Bethany Mandel spotted the caption and posted it on Twitter.

Stephen Miller, the contributing editor of The Spectator — not to be confused with Trump’s senior policy advisor with the same name — was right on top of this.

You could say that he “pounced” — and it was the right kind of pouncing.

He wanted to know who made the decision and why.

It’s not like this is a single person’s decision. An editor had to approve it.

Miller is like a dog with a bone.

He is not going to let this go.

At one point, he asks the salient question that Team WaPo should really be asking themselves.

Because, he really is a sh*tposter.

The question remains — why did WaPo do it?

Newsweek Opinion Editor Batya Ungar-Sargon explains it succinctly in this clip:

She’s right. Here at ClashDaily, we often call the press the “Regime Media”. In this case, the Regime talking points that are being parroted by the American Pravda Press are from Hamas. Think about that for a second.

The New York Times was the worst with that — they changed the headline at least three times, changed the content of the article, and in the first publication, they used a misleading photo of a building that was damaged that was not the hospital.

Libs And Journos POUNCE On Gaza Hospital ‘Bombing’ — There’s Just One BIG Problem…

Perhaps it has something to do with who it is that they hire.

Conservative columnist Becket Adams notes that this is a real departure from the four years under the Trump administration.

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