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World Outraged Over Ukraine… Ignores 100k Victims In ‘Second Armenian Genocide’ (VIDEO)

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We’re seeing actual ethnic cleansing in real time in 2023. Where is the clamoring of our politicians and celebrities to show how caring they are, like they did with Ukraine?

Is America headed for a recession?

What does the left NORMALLY say when an ethnic group quietly living on the same land as their ancestors did for nearly two THOUSAND years is overwhelmed by a hostile military force?

The left are so quick to denounce certain people with terms like ‘colonialist’ if the oppressors happen to fit into the neat little boxes of acceptable enemies, especially if the people they are taking land from are somewhere on the left’s list of preferred victims.

Don’t expect the left to speak out about this group though. The refugees in this image are ethnic Armenians from a little dot of land that was completely surrounded by superior numbers of armed Azerbaijanis who wanted them gone.

After having their supply lines cut off for nine months by way of a blockade that was quietly starving them out in what human rights groups are calling the second Armenian genocide, locals are fleeing after a ’24hr blitz’ in which Azerbaijani’s military cracked down on the already vulnerable people. Between that, and a large explosion at a fuel depot that killed at least 68 people, of more than 200 estimated casualties, residents have become refugees and are fleeing en masse from their ancestral homeland.

Here are two images from that video, that tell a BIG part of that story:

Nearly all ethnic Armenians have fled Nagorno-Karabakh following Azerbaijan’s military occupation. A humanitarian crisis appears to be building with rising numbers of refugees, injuries and arrests.

Nazeli Baghdasaryan, spokesperson for Armenia’s Prime Minister, revealed the number of forcibly displaced persons from Nagorno-Karabakh reached 100,417 as of Saturday morning, about a week after Azerbaijan regained control over the breakaway region following a military offensive, according to Armen Press.

Of the displaced, 32,200 have taken up accommodation offered by the Armenian government. Many others chose to stay with friends or relatives in Armenia.

Many of the 100,000 people are hungry, exhausted and needing immediate assistance, UNHCR representative Kavita Belani said in a statement. “People are tired. This is a situation where they’ve lived under nine months of blockade. When they come in, they’re full of anxiety, they’re scared, they’re frightened and they want answers as to what’s going to happen next.”

UNICEF has noted that 30% of the arrivals are minors, many separated from their families. — ChristianPost

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