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Dana White & Theo Von Showed What REAL Free Speech Commitment Looks Like… (Tell Nikki Haley!)

We think the Framers would have liked this approach WAY more than what Nikki Haley had to offer

The internet blew up this week when Nikki Haley said she wanted EVERY internet persona to show their name. Ben Franklin, Mark Twain and the Federalist Papers were obvious counterpoints.

Even Haley’s National Security reframing of the issue doesn’t hold much water when you consider The Federalist Papers (Publius) and Tomas Paine would both have been considered part of a subversive uprising against king and country.

While GOP primary supporters fought over the latest scandal in their Race For Second Place, another case of free speech popped up in a coversation between Dana White and Theo Von.

Theo Von claims Peloton tried to coerce him into obedience. The comedian dared to have RFK Jr as a guest on his podcast.

YouTube pulled it because RFK is radioactive to the left. And advertisers — Peloton, in particular — scurried for cover. They pulled their ad dollars. The REASON they pulled advertising dollars is now disputed.

He claims there was an attempt to control what he could and couldn’t say involving political figures. THEY claim there were ‘brand safety guidelines’.

Over a political opinion?

He and Dana White talked about it.

Dana isn’t a fan of control freaks stepping on the rights of American citizens, so he’s throwing the Pelotons out of his gyms.


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Wes Walker

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