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Hillary ACCIDENTALLY Drops The Dem 2024 Playbook To The Harpies On ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

She said the quiet part out loud and didn't seem to realize it.

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NOTE: This article includes commentary reflecting the author’s position.

On Wednesday, 2016’s Biggest Loser, Hillary Clinton, appeared on “The View” to crow about Democrat victories in an off-year election cycle on Tuesday night and explain how those small wins show that Clueless Joe Biden is a capable leader bringing his party to victory.

Hillary’s explanation completely contradicts what poll after poll says about the confidence that voters have in the ability of the slow-moving, incoherent, inept, and often confused octogenarian to lead for “four more years.” Heck, some voters aren’t even sure that he’ll make it to November 2024 as he appears more frail every time his handlers trot him out to show the public that he is still breathing.

In her appearance, Hillary says that she doesn’t believe that people are being honest with pollsters and that they actually support Joe Biden. She must have some secret knowledge about that because she gave no evidence for the claim. It wouldn’t be surprising, that’s what her ilk does. It’s kinda like that secret knowledge that magically turns men into women and vice versa that the gender activists insist is real.

Yanking the Old Hag out of the woods of Chappaqua to spout White House talking points to a room full of trained seals who don’t even need an applause cue shows that Democrats are actually pretty worried about shoving the 81-year-old Shambling Husk of Mediocrity with subterranean approval ratings to the top of the Jackass Ticket in 2024.

We all know that Biden only won in 2020 because he hid in the basement, Democrats used COVID to justify massive changes to election rules, and a secret cabal of Dem operatives, Never-Trumpers, politicos, activists, the Regime Media, and Big Tech admitted that they colluded to “fortify the election” for Democrats.

You can’t have Harpie Hillary go onto the set of “The View” without someone bringing up the Bad Orange Man that she was supposed to beat in a landslide … if only she had been able to figure out where Wisconsin was just 7 short years ago.

The perpetually unhinged Joy Behar’s Trump Derangement Syndrome kicked in immediately and she was the first to bring up Trump.

“I can’t personally believe that this loser has so many people who still think that he could make a decent president,” Behar said.

I personally can’t believe that the Coven of Ignoramuses on this godforsaken show draws enough viewers to make it financially feasible to have it continue to be broadcast, but here we are.

What was fascinating was Hillary’s reply to Joyless Behar’s statement. She responded by saying that if Trump were to be elected again, “I think it would be the end of our country as we know it.”

Killary continued, saying that Trump “means to throw people in jail who disagree with him, shut down legitimate press outlets, do what he can to literally undermine the rule of law and our country’s values.”

This from a Democrat whose party wants to nix the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court, implement censorship using their Big Tech droogs, push far-left ideology about race and sex on the entire planet starting in public elementary schools, and weaponize the DOJ on their political rivals like some sort of banana republic. These people are literally trying to get Trump’s name removed from ballots in certain states.

Elle Purnell over at The Federalist posted an interesting article about Hillary’s panic-mode appearance on “The View” and how the former “future President” explains what Democrats are currently doing to destroy the Republic.

Purnell highlights several points.

Throwing Dissidents in Jail

Purnell begins with the most glaringly obvious one — the multiple indictments against Trump and the peaceful J6 political prisoners.

Democrats have dragged Trump into court, gagged his First Amendment speech, made him stand for a mugshot, and sincerely aim to throw him in prison. His followers have likewise been subjected to political prosecutions, with grandmothers jailed for the same kind of behavior that leftist demonstrators routinely partake in with zero sanctions. Source: The Federalist

There’s also the political persecution of Douglass Mackey, who now faces 7 months in federal prison for posting a joke meme he didn’t even make on Twitter in 2016, while leftwing comedian Kristina Wong with basically the same joke remains free and uncharged.

And then there’s the heavy-handed action against pro-life activists like Mark Houck while pretty much nothing has been done about the pro-aborts that violated federal law protesting outside conservative SCOTUS justices’ homes and the group “Jane’s Revenge” that firebombed crisis pregnancy centers didn’t get the “domestic terrorist” label — perhaps because they weren’t sporting red trucker caps.

As for the charges against Trump, this is clearly just the way that they plan to enact one-party rule in the United States. The White House is constantly warning about “Extreme MAGA Republicans” at the same time that TDS-suffering Democrats have been going after the NY real estate mogul turned celebrity turned POTUS over everything from the wildly eccentric E. Jean Carroll’s accusation of rape in a Bergdorf-Goodman changeroom to claims he over-valued his properties to the more serious claim of mishandling classified documents, which, it should be noted, was done by both Hillary and Joe Biden and known earlier than the claims against Trump with barely a blink from the DOJ.

Shutting Down The Press

Trump often railed against “Fake News”, but he seems to revel in taking shots at the Press that was completely aligned against him for the entire four years he was in office.

The Regime Media had a love-hate relationship with Trump — pushing the now-debunked Russian Collusion Hoax that sprung from a deep well of loathing won the New York Times and the Washington Post Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. CNN and MSNBC’s viewership increased as they pandered to the anti-Trump crowd calling him everything from a sexist to Hitler. And yet … they all remained on the air to spread the lies and the fake narratives.

The worst that happened was CNN’s glory boy, Jim Acosta, briefly had his White House press pass yanked because he shoved an aide while he was acting like the dollar store version of Sam Donaldson during a presser with POTUS 45. Acosta parlayed that into a nice gig over at CNN — not that anyone actually watches that crap.

Contrast this with the incident when the current White House Diversity Hire Press Secretary wouldn’t call on an African journalist for months and when he complained, the administration changed the rules on how to obtain a press pass to prevent him from getting one.

And that’s just the beginning. The Biden administration and the Deep State have been using Big Tech to censor anyone to the political right of Joe Manchin for years.

Take the suppression of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop story as a prime example of this.

The representatives of the press that have been shut down, however, are nearly all opponents of Democrats. Just this week, the House Weaponization Subcommittee dropped a bombshell report revealing subdivisions of the Department of Homeland Security and State Department pressured Big Tech platforms to throttle “true information, jokes and satire, and political opinions” posted by prominent conservatives including The Federalist’s own Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway. The State Department’s Global Engagement Center funded a nongovernmental group that works “to blacklist and defund conservative news sites” such as The Federalist. Source: The Federalist

Undermining the Rule of Law

One only has to look at how protesters are treated to see that the scales of justice have been tampered with.

Soros-funded District Attorneys really don’t want to touch actual crime and want to empty the jails of prisoners — unless the “criminals” put their feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk or wore a horn hat and body paint into the Capitol building on January 6.

Nothing did more to undermine the rule of law in America than the seemingly endless witch hunt against Trump.

To the extent that the rule of law is eroded in this country today, it is largely due to actions like Democrats’ partisan prosecutions of the 2024 front-runner and the bogus Russia-collusion hoax that they championed from 2016 throughout Trump’s entire presidency.
To say Mrs. Clinton bears responsibility for that is as much of an understatement as it is to say she’s unlikeable. In 2016, a law firm representing the Clinton campaign commissioned oppo research firm Fusion GPS, which commissioned Christopher Steele, to write what we now know as the Steele dossier. Steele shopped the made-up lies about Trump — including the “golden showers” smut — to the FBI, which failed to properly vet the dossier’s fake “intel” and promptly used it to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. With a handful of leaks placed to a willing media, the lie that Trump was compromised by the Russians was born. Not only was the Russia-collusion hoax an apparent “insurance policy” to stop Trump from winning the White House, but it was constantly weaponized after he took office to delegitimize his presidency.
Source: The Federalist

Purnell summarizes:

Hillary Clinton says she is concerned about people who “would try to do away with elections, and do away with opposition, and do away with a free press.” Those people, she said on Wednesday, are basically the same as Adolf Hitler. Considering Democrats are the ones rigging elections and prosecuting political opponents and censoring counter-narrative media, Clinton’s own logic suggests the modern Democrat Party has more in common with 1930s Germany besides calling for the annihilation of Jews.
Source: The Federalist

Right at the end of the clip, Hillary says that Trump is telling us what he intends to do and we are to “take him at his word.”

Interesting. Everything that she cited was what her party is currently doing. I guess that means that, according to Hillary, the Dems are basically the same as that Austrian guy with the Charlie Chaplin mustache back in the 1930s.

Vote accordingly.

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