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ICYMI: American Journalist Abducted At Gunpoint By Mexican Cartel… Here’s His Story

If the border is so secure, why does it look like narco terrorists are really running the show?

With the world’s attention turned to the cascade of events that have popped up both domestically and abroad in the wake of Israel, it’s easy for us to miss other big stories.

Stories like an American journalist being kidnapped by Mexican cartels at gunpoint while he’s reporting on the border situation.

If you believed Mayorkas and Kamala about the border being ‘secure’ — or even if you thought it was relatively safe — guess again.

Here is Anthony Rubin from Muckraker (dot com) sharing the story of how he and his brother were taken at gunpoint. The place they were kidnapped from was close enough to the US border that you could see the latest SpaceX test flight with the naked eye.

This tweet explains the project they were working on as they traveled through Mexico from the Darien gap.

This one explains where he was found.

Muckraker and Michael Yon are both very good sources if you want to know what’s REALLY going on with that US/Mexico border… and beyond.

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