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James Comer Connects The Dots On Biden Lining His OWN Pockets With Money From China

Amazing how this happens to magically work out to 10% for the Big Guy

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Remember when Joe Biden was asked about his family’s Chinese business dealings and he taunted the journalists with a question: where’s the money?

Do you think Joe is STILL laughing now that they’ve tracked it down?

The power to subpoena bank records was a wildcard Joe had not anticipated.

Politicians can lie.
Journalists can lie.

But bank records? That’s a whole other story.

The memo line in the check said ‘loan repayment’.

That’s pretty sketchy. And if the ‘loan’ was actually used to hide income they could not legally receive, that’s also fraud.

Pretty ironic in light of the fact that Joe Biden has threatened to VETO legislation that would reduce the number of people working at the IRS.

The Israel bill passed its first test of support in a Thursday morning procedural vote, as the House approved by 213-200 a measure that cleared the way for a vote on passage later in the day.

The measure would cut Internal Revenue Service (IRS) funding so as to give military aid to Israel, whose tanks and troops took on Hamas on the outskirts of Gaza City on Thursday.

The funds would include $4 billion for procurement of Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling defense systems to counter short-range rocket threats as well as some transfers of equipment from U.S. stocks.

Republicans have a 221-212 majority in the House, but Biden’s fellow Democrats control the Senate 51-49. To become law, the bill would have to pass both the House and Senate and be signed by Biden.

The top Senate Democrat, Chuck Schumer, said the Republican bill would be dead on arrival in the upper chamber, even if it passed the House. The White House has threatened a veto. — Reuters

How many times has he lectured America on rich fatcats not paying their ‘fare share’.

He’s hiring an army of IRS, who WILL be targeting lower and middle class Americans while HE has plenty of questions to answer about what income he has and has NOT declared in his own taxes.

Whether that income is also illicit is a whole OTHER set of questions.

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