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Jordan Peterson’s New Drinking Song Puts Nihilistic PostModern Philosophers Through The Woodchipper

Hitting the nihilist bastards with a heavy dose of their own medicine

This song was written as a parody by Jordan Peterson himself as a stick in the eye to postmodernist thinkers, if they may be called such.

If there is truth to the saying that ‘ideas have consequences’, then it must also be true that the philosophical influencers who blazed the trail for the more influential ideas of today have the heavy burden of being largely responsible for the mess we now find ourselves in.

The people behind those ideas — whether modern society knows them or not — have names. And this song gives them the public flogging they so richly deserve.

From Jordan’s YouTube description of the song itself:

In the face of Postmodernist intellectual stupidity, the best thing to do is laugh. Hence The Postmodernist Drinking Song.

The Postmodernist Drinking Song is based on an old English folk song, The Ballad of Lydia Pinkham, by way of a 1960’s British pop group, the Scaffold, whose variant Lily the Pink reached number one in the UK singles chart in ’68 ( Our version was partly inspired, as well, by the brilliant idiocy of Monty Python’s The Philosophers Song, which celebrated the drunken shenanigans of the greatest thinkers of the Western tradition (

Postmodernism is a school of thought, increasingly dominant in what still passes for the modern academy, that famously rejects “grand narratives”—“collective myths that never had a reality,” as certain philosophers have it ( Equally famously, however, the same thinkers turned, post-rejection, to the murderous blandishments of the Marxist story, which was in turn based on an even longer tradition of Luciferian arrogance and bitter resentment. No grand narrative–except, of course, that of power (with a nice dollop of immature hedonism tossed in, just to sweeten the pot).

Our Cast (in order of appearance):
Jordan B Peterson thoroughly-masked resentful Taco delivery boy and heroic Antifa activist
Random far-right cat (well-petted)
Unknown green-haired narcissist
Unknown trucker convoy participant
Michel Foucault puppet of Satan himself
Various victim-children puppets
Mikhaila Peterson enemy to vegans and far-right daughter
Commie pig
Dave Rubin far-right comedian
Douglas Murray far-right journalist and piano prodigy
Jacques Derrida that old joker puppet
Zuby far-right rapper and women’s powerlifting record holder
Jonathan Pageau far-right Old Testament prophet and Frenchman
Michael Malice whatever the hell he is
Konstantin Kisin far-right dangerous Russian
Unknown blue-haired beautiful woman
Ben Shapiro squeaking horribly
Gad Saad reprehensible far-right purple-haired professor provocateur and evil Jew
Robin DiAngelo puppet and demented-denizens-of-the-corporate-world charmer

Lyrics by Jordan B. Peterson
Video written and directed by Skutch Tully
Puppet design by Nunavut John
Puppeteers: Nunavut John, Jack Bride
Cinematography by A. Sertian Ukrainian
Visual effects by Will Dano
Executive producer: Safeer Qureshi for SPG Media
Song produced by Skutch Tully and Christian Anderson
Mixed and mastered by Christian Anderson

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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