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NASHVILLE TRANS SHOOTER: Crowder Kicks Hornet’s Nest By Publishing Leaked Manifesto

If it bolstered any leftist narratives we're confident it would long since have been made public

There is a reason the media has special mention in the First Amendment. It’s so they can bring information to the public that those in power would rather we not see.. especially if it undercuts official government propaganda on an issue.

Any time there is information the left WANTS us to see, there are well-worn paths and pipelines that political figures (of both parties) and various agencies will routinely turn to. But those information pipelines are limited by the biases of the Corporate media they represent.

The same regime media that made a showy spectacle of the Mar-A-Lago raid, for instance, won’t make so much as a peep about the fact that Biden had a secret documents problem FAR earlier that Trump ever did. That selective release of information left DOJ fingerprints all over yet ANOTHER federal election.

Grand Jury evidence becomes public. Statements about ongoing cases become public. Tax records of private individuals are unlawfully released.

When the killer fits neatly in one of the media’s favorite narratives, we know everything down to his shoe size and his favorite meal within hours. Details from manifestos are leaked. Ditto medical history. We know what drove the killer to do what he did.

But deviate from that narrative ever so slightly, and the fountain of information suddenly runs dry.

The date on which this story is written is November 6, 2023. It’s been 224 days, or 7 months, 10 days since the March 27, 2023, the day Aiden Hale (aka Audrey Hale) shot up The Covenant School in Nashville.

Steven Crowder ran a show on Rumble in which he showed images of (and read) the first three pages of the shooter’s manifesto which, he says, was leaked by law enforcement who have been frustrated by the case not moving forward.

For convenience, the relevant parts of his show begin right after his preamble and introduction, just after the 8:30 timestamp on the Rumble vid.

The read-through of the three pages in the question has been posted on his social media:

There’s a lot of class envy here, a lot of anti-white racism and derisive language deriding the victims for their ‘white privilege’. There’s also the use of a certain slur that is also a British term for cigarette.

We’ll let our readers draw their own conclusions about what’s really going on here, why the manifesto was kept hidden, and what the media does (and does not) us to conclude from the facts of this case.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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