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PALLYWOOD: Lib Journos Fall For Palestinian YouTuber Who Wears MANY Hats

'News' outlets got taken in... and both possible excuses make them look really bad.

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Either the news outlets knowingly amplified the talking points of a Hamas terrorist-aligned influencer… or they were so eager to run with an anti-Israel narrative that they didn’t bother to vet their sources.

You will notice that references to the supposedly “damning” footage never identify the readily-available source’s name.

Social media users have given him several monikers — “Gaza Greg”, “Mr. Pallywood”, and my favorite, “Mr. FAFO”, a reference to the internet shorthand of “F**k around and find out.”

Mr. FAFO, who seems to always be in the right place at the right time, has had his videos picked up by MSNBC, the BBC, the New York Times, and who knows how many others.

Here’s a screenshot of Mr. FAFO on the BBC report about the blast near the Al Shifa Hospital, the civilian building that Hamas hides its military headquarters under.

He’s just a guy on the street according to the media.

The “news” outlets don’t ever explain that the guy filming the video is a YouTuber.

Mr. FAFO’s real name is Saleh Aljafarawi. He’s a Palestinian content creator and musician that lives in Gaza. He first started uploading videos to YouTube in May 2020.

Here’s his first video uploaded on May 19, 2020 urging people to “stay home” because of the pandemic.

That tells you that he’s okay with spouting government propaganda.

Since then, Aljafarawi has used his now-deleted Instagram account to post updates on the current war in Gaza sparked by the October 7 terror attack by Hamas that left around 1400 Israelis dead and over 240 taken as hostages.

On October 7, Aljafarawi posted a selfie video on Insta celebrating the rocket attacks fired by Hamas into Israel.

There are some people online calling him a “journalist” who is going from hospital to hospital to report what he is seeing there.

Others on social media are calling Aljafarawi a “crisis actor” since he seems to be everywhere doing everything.

There’s even a meme of him with his various hats.

Let’s be frank for a second, “Pallywood” appears to be a real thing that happens. There are just so many video clips from Gaza that raise a few questions.

And any time Israel responds to a terror attack by bombing a target in Gaza, the dead bodies of children are carried and shoved in front of the nearest camera. Every dead child is a propaganda win for Hamas. It’s gruesome, but it’s true.

While the crisis actor claim is a compelling narrative, it’s not clear that it’s true in this particular case. A few of the photos in the meme and the video above have been confirmed by “fact checkers” that they are not actually of Aljafarawi — for whatever that’s worth.

He could just be a regular run-of-the-mill attention whore content creator who is just trying to get more clicks while all of the attention is on Gaza right now. Think low-budget paparazzi but focused on accusing Israel of war crimes.

He certainly looks like a Hamas propagandist.

When the first propagandist’s video doesn’t look sufficiently tragic, Mr. FAFO is always ready for his close-up.

His “reporting” has become a meme in itself.

It’s unclear if he’s a propagandist for Hamas or one of the brainwashed masses in Gaza who have been steeped in hate for Israel by the Iran-backed death-cult that is the leadership there.

Either way, his message is pretty clear and pretty dangerous — civilians in Gaza should not evacuate Northern Gaza.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to this — major news outlets like the New York Times, MSNBC, and the BBC have refused to name Saleh AlJafarawi and identify him as a YouTuber, but ClashDaily and the site Know Your Meme have. Just think about that for a moment.

The media’s own worst enemy is itself.

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