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Threading The Needle: How Speaker Johnson Is Avoiding Both Shutdown AND The Dreaded Omnibus

From a menu of bad choices, you have to pick the least worst

Was it only a month ago that a handful of Republicans blew up the leadership structure and plunged us into a couple weeks of pointless chaos?

The catalyst was weird. First there was the Republican rejection of a budget that would have reduced spending and improved security at the border.

When that failed, McCarthy put forward a CR. That CR got him bounced out of leadership by Matt Gaetz… and then almost half the time gained in that CR that would have been used for hammering out a budget was wasted in endless jockeying for leadership.

Now? Time’s almost up and something had to be done.

The solution is another CR – but with a twist.

Speaker Johnston explains the rationale behind setting up this particular CR in the way he did.

He was balancing competing issues… a caucus impatient for budget cuts on one side and the Uniparty eagerly wanting an excuse to pass an omnibus on the other.

With the clock ticking, the Democrats would love nothing better than an opportunity to blame another shutdown on the Republicans.

(Who or what was ACTUALLY responsible is irrelevant to their blame games — as we all saw in the shutdown just before Pelosi took back the gavel.)

The end game is a return to regular order and a properly debated budget.

Are you down with that?

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