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UH-OH: This Muslim Activist Said The Quiet Part Out Loud — Are You Paying Attention YET?

As Palestinian marches keep getting bigger, it's time to ask one very important question..

Until now we’ve only seen how Islam behaves when it’s in a minority position in America. How might that change if they ever became the majority?

We’ve seen glimpses of what that could look like in cities where Islam has become the defacto ruling influence. In any number of ways, Europe has felt the brunt of taking on enormous numbers of supposed ‘refugees’ who had no interest in adapting to the culture of their new host nations.

In fact, as they grow in influence, they insist on their host nations adapting to conform to them.

The secular revolutionary left may think they are leveraging a large and loud group to achieve their own political agendas, especially as it relates to defeating the what was once a cohesive traditional Conservative Western tradition. How else can you explain people like Rashida Tlaib being a ride-or-die member of the ‘Hamas caucus’ while flying both a Palestinian flag and an LGBT flag outside of her office door?

Unfortunately for the left Islam sees the secularists in much the same way — as a useful tool to defeat the traditional conservative Western tradition. A resurfaced video from almost exactly a year ago demonstrates it.

What does the Left think the real end-game is here? Convince Islam to bow the knee to their brand of secular progressivism?

With conseratives and Christians out of the way, Islam would have this pink-haired pyjama-boys for breakfast. Who would stop them, and what moral vision of the future would they rally around?

The entire movement has been bred to knee in obedience to the power structure. What do you suppose would happen to those same people who have been raised in a culture of victims’ olymipics if the power structure gets hijaked by a muscular worldview with ACTUAL theocratic totalitarian ambitions, instead of the pretend kind they use to whip up secular frenzy against American Christians?

This comedy bit isn’t too far of the mark:

While Liberals are worried about DEI, there are groups waiting in the wings to take the reins of political power — and they would see themselves as serving a righteous cause of if they saw to it that every member of the left’s favorite rainbow activist group would ‘D-I-E
Maybe it’s time the ‘Gays for Palestine’ to give their heads a shake and ask if they are being totally played in their knee-jerk ‘anti-colonialist’ support of the Palestinian ‘vicitms’.

Lionhearted: Making Young Christian Males Rowdy Biblical Men

Dear young Christian male, this book you’re about to read is meant to challenge you to your very core. Its intent is not to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Some of the chapters will upset you greatly, especially if you’re a dandy who was raised with kid gloves by a helicopter mommy.

That said, in addition to the holy introspection contained herein, this book will also shoot adrenaline into your soul. It’ll push you to be a Godly risk taker and earth shaker. A veritable Rebel With A Cause just like the Captain of Our Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want a feel-good book that tickles your ears and morphs you into a little Christian popinjay, this tome ain’t for you. You should put this book down and walk away from it immediately. However, if, young man, if … your motto is to give God your utmost for His highest, and you wanna live a life worthy of Christ’s death, then this book will be grist for your mill.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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