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WEAK POTUS: Leaked Cable Shows Team Biden Values Power Over Principle — Even With Israel Question

Biden's finger-in-the-wind leadership is even worse than Obama's lead-from-behind

That first morning when we all woke up to see the horrific images of a terror attack on farming communities on the borderland between Israel and Gaza, much of the world recoiled in shock together.

Now that Biden has leaned on Israel to slow-walk their response to the terrorists who took hundreds of civilians hostages in an unprovoked attack, propaganda and public protests have pushed a definite shift in how the world sees the conflict.

Is America headed for a recession?

Hamas (recognized in America as a literal terrorist organization) has faced little condemnation for their variety of war crimes. They have the rhetorical advantage of having been granted ‘oppressed’ status in the left’s victim olympics. Israel has been named their ‘oppressor’. Everything that follows in reporting by the usual corporate media flunkies is shaded to a small or large degree by that framing.

That explains the embedded ‘journalistic photographers’ caught holding a grenade or otherwise participating in the 10/7 terror attack. It explains the eagerness to invoke the rules of war, references to ‘war crimes’, and even ‘genocide’ references to Israel, but not to Hamas whose original charter explicitly calls for the murder of Jewish people in the name of religious zeal… right in the preamble.

It explains why they were quick to adopt the ‘Israel bombed a hospital’ narrative, despite proof to the contrary, and why they are so willing to accept at face value the reports of Hamas officials who make Baghdad Bob look like a straight shooter.

What it DOESN’T explain is why Joe Biden and his Democrats would begin with a strong support of Israel after THEIR answer to 9/11, only to walk back that strong position a little more each day.

Neither does it explain why Biden would only authorize a couple of mostly meaningless air strikes in response to dozens of attacks against American assets in the region by Iranian proxies in recent days.

There have been a total of 46 rocket and drone attacks — up from 38 Monday — on U.S. bases in Iraq and Syria since Oct. 17, (Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh) said.

At this point, the total number of troop injuries stands at 56 since the attacks began in mid-October(…)
[…] “At no point have the Iranian-aligned militia groups taken a shot at U.S. forces where they had any idea of the numbers of casualties that they may or may not inflict and in all cases were taking shots at what they believe to be very large numbers of U.S. personnel with the intent of killing them,” the military official said. — Military

A leaked diplomatic cable from our embassy in Oman just might help bring that part of the issue into much clearer focus.

It’s driven by the most shamelessly cynical reason of all — political self-preservation.

A confidential message from the US Embassy in Oman on Wednesday read, ‘we are losing badly on the messaging battlespace’ as Arab leaders judge the US’ support for Israel’s ‘material and moral culpability in what they consider to be possible war crimes’.

The cable, from the second-highest official in Muscat, was sent to security outfits including the White House’s National Security Council, the CIA and the FBI, and cited conversations with ‘a wide range of trusted and sober-minded contacts’. — DailyMail

Messaging battle space? REALLY?

Israel maintains that Hamas stores military infrastructure in civilian buildings, using the population as ‘human shields’.

A former defence official, who couldn’t be named, said recently: ‘These sons of b****** have intentionally put their tunnels under houses, mosques and hospitals to maximise civilian casualties. It’s not just cynical, it’s pure evil.’

Hamas has also discouraged Palestinians from listening to Israel’s call to evacuate south from Gaza City.

The Interior Ministry told inhabitants: ‘The aim is to frighten civilians, and civilians must act responsibly and not follow misleading Israeli instructions.’

In 2014, the UN reported weapons were found inside two UN schools in Gaza.

Hamas has also operated from residential buildings, The Guardian reported. — DailyMail

Hamas apologists want to blame Israel for war crimes, do they?
Before their defenders jump to any conclusions let’s remember:

Any use of human shields constitutes a war crime — Hamas routinely uses them to protect their assets and personnel from attack.

Displacement of civilians is NOT a war crime if…

It is unlawful to displace the civilian population in a NIAC unless their security or imperative military necessity so demands it:

The displacement of the civilian population shall not be ordered for reasons related to the conflict unless the security of the civilians involved or imperative military reasons so demand. Should such displacements have to be carried out, all possible measures shall be taken in order that the civilian population may be received under satisfactory conditions of shelter, hygiene, health, safety and nutrition. APII, Article 17. — JustSecurity

Hamas is a legitimate military target. That target is employing human shields to protect themselves. Israel has encouraged those civilians to remove themselves to another region of Gaza for their own safety. They have used phone messages, leaflets, and other means of communication.

Hamas explicitly opposes them leaving, for obvious reasons. Some unconfirmed reports claim Hamas has been shooting some who have tried to flee South to safety. They have also admitted that they prioritize available fuel and medicine for their own use to continue the ‘war effort’.

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