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This Woman Has A BIG Problem with Wimpy Christians

This interview was different than the ones J Reese Bradley did before

Normally, she doesn’t sit down with writers of non-fiction. But she sat down for this interview.

What made this one different and special?

It was a book that really isn’t like other books in it’s category. Most books written for young Christian men teach you how to be some kind of a Nicer-Than-Christ Nancy-boy.

If you look at the biographies of the apostles and prophets in scripture, you’re going to find men who stared down tyrants, even when it cost them their heads. Men who were flayed alive, boiled in oil, or crucified upside down.

So why is today’s church cranking out Ned Flanders wannabees?

Most of the books out there that bother to teach young Christian men anything at all, teach them to minimize risk and blend into the crowd.

That’s not even close to being the prototype Christ came to build. But this book is something very different.

It doesn’t offer a neutered gospel for gelded Christians.

It’s called Lionhearted and lives up to the name.

Lionhearted: Making Young Christian Males Rowdy Biblical Men

Dear young Christian male, this book you’re about to read is meant to challenge you to your very core. Its intent is not to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Some of the chapters will upset you greatly, especially if you’re a dandy who was raised with kid gloves by a helicopter mommy.

That said, in addition to the holy introspection contained herein, this book will also shoot adrenaline into your soul. It’ll push you to be a Godly risk taker and earth shaker. A veritable Rebel With A Cause just like the Captain of Our Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want a feel-good book that tickles your ears and morphs you into a little Christian popinjay, this tome ain’t for you. You should put this book down and walk away from it immediately. However, if, young man, if … your motto is to give God your utmost for His highest, and you wanna live a life worthy of Christ’s death, then this book will be grist for your mill.

Get your copy of Lionhearted: Making Young Christian Males Rowdy Biblical Men TODAY!

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Wimberley, TX, and is the founder of (290M+ page views). Giles is also the author of the NEW book, The Wildman Devotional: A 50 Day Devotional For Men. Follow Doug on Instagram and Truth Social at @thegilesway and on Twitter @TheArtOfDoug.

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