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BUSTED: White House & GOP Rep Colluded On Urgent Russian ‘Threat’ Narrative

People are backpedaling in a hurry

If team Biden holds the moral high ground on every issue, why do they keep getting caught trying to rig the game in their own favor?

With House GOP ready to dig in their heels over the Ukraine Funding bill — immediately after the Schumer/McConnell Uniparty Senate forced through a bill with ZERO border wall funding and no room for debate or amendments — we are met with news of a shiny new crisis. Naturally, that crisis had the Russian threat at the center of it.

Depending on the day and the context, Russia is either a withered Soviet-Era force limping along on the brink of total collapse — or it’s the most dangerous threat we might imagine, with the fanciest new toys. This week’s crisis drew from the latter narrative.

Rep Mike Turner was sounding an alarm.

Questions followed.

Biden didn’t take them seriously…

Jake Sullivan wasn’t playing the same cutesy games.

In a story about an anti-satellite weapon Russia wants to send to orbit at some time in the future CNN reported the following:

National security adviser Jake Sullivan on Wednesday said he was “surprised” that Turner had made the existence of the intelligence public, noting that he was already scheduled to brief the top Republican and Democratic leaders of the House as well as Turner and Himes on Thursday.

“We scheduled a briefing for the House members of the Gang of Eight tomorrow,” Sullivan said. “That’s been on the books. So I am a bit surprised that Congressman Turner came out publicly today in advance of a meeting on the books for me to go sit with him alongside our intelligence and defense professionals tomorrow.”

Turner in his statement has urged the Biden administration to declassify “all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat.” –CNN

Ohio’s Mike Turner just happens to be the REPUBLICAN chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. His real motives for raising this issue have been questioned by many. For instance:

We now know what many of us already suspected supposed ‘crisis’ was never actually a crisis. [Notice ClashDaily hasn’t covered this ‘crisis’ before now.]

Members of House GOP are upset about someone using his sensitive role for an obvious (uniparty) manipulation of the narrative. They demand an investigation.

Contrary to CNN’s reporting about Jake Sullivan being ‘upset’, we have reports of coordination from Mike Turner himself. According to his own statement, the language he used with the public was ‘pre-approved’ by the Biden Administration.

Put differently, this announcement was a Biden-approved talking point…
It came dressed up as a crisis at a very sensitive moment in the House deliberating on whether to shovel more money out the door to Ukraine, (and re-authorize FISA)…
The dire warning turned out to be an absolute nothing burger.

It described a known entity the Russians already wanted to develop, and nothing about the latest update indicated the urgency and immediacy that such a release would imply.

Our intelligence agency gave us the ‘WMD’ information on which we launched the Iraq war, it played an as-yet unspecified role in launching the spying effort against the Republican candidate for President, and now…?

It still appears to be playing the same game.

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