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Dem Hack Slaps Oversight With ‘Russia’ Accusations … Gets Nuked From Orbit

He was so eager to run the Trump impeachment, now he's running interference for Biden

There’s something the rest of us need to keep in mind any time we see displays of ‘outrage’ by anyone in the political or media class — most of the time, it’s all for show.

If people like Daniel Goldman were men of principle, they would want to know what specific allegations of wrongdoing there were before making a decision in support of impeachment (Trump) or against it (Biden).

But like so many elected officials in both parties, but especially his, he is first and foremost a political animal. Principles be damned. Impeachment is a useful tool for kneecapping the GOP, but how DARE anyone suggest that Dems should be subject to the same scrutiny.

Goldman, like Raskin, sits on the Oversight Committee run by Comer.
Like Raskin, he served on the Trump impeachment prosecution team.
Like Raskin, he is running interference in the Biden impeachment investigation at every opportunity.

The recent indictment of an FBI source is the latest attempt for them to discredit (and, they hope, force the dismissal) of the slow and careful Impeachment investigation into Joe Biden where (unlike their Soviet show trial of Trump that used a SCIF and denied Trump’s defenders to call forward their own witnesses) is being done more or less in the open for the public to scrutinize.

Dem flunkies saw the opportunity to make a talking point out of the FBI arresting their own informant for Perjury and ran with it. (This arrested informant just *happened* to have delivered damning allegations about Biden getting payoffs in Ukraine. Surely an irrelevant coincidence.)

Without missing a beat, Dems cranked up the same tired Russia Disinformation machine they used to spy on Trump and suppress Hunter’s Laptop.

The replies fishslapped him for some of the obvious flaws in his logic. Here’s an example:

The GOP oversight committee pulled the rug out from under his talking points:

That’s right — the GOP had no idea WHO the source is, only that he was described by the FBI as ‘highly credible’ and had been on their payroll for years.

If there’s any Russian Collusion problem it looks like the FBI should begin the investigations right away — on itself!

As for the impeachment investigation into Biden there are MOUNDS of evidence to go on with absolutely NOTHING to do with that one witness and his line of testimony… including Hunter’s laptop, bank records, other original documents, emails, and the testimony of his own business partners.

Dan’s attempt to ‘own the GOP’ failed. Miserably.

But wait, there’s more! The indictment Dems hope to discredit the case with? It, too, has got serious flaws in it:

Run along, Dan. I’m sure someone up the chain will give you new talking points to blindly parrot soon enough.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck